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You Deserve To Find A Man After God’s Own Heart

Stay Alone Until You Find A Man After God’s Own Heart

You, my darling, deserve love.

But you don’t deserve any kind of love.

When it comes to it, you deserve more than the kind of love the whole world romanticizes. You deserve more than the kind of relationships people yearn for. You deserve more than a kind man who gives you flowers and takes you to dinner.

You, my dear, deserve a godly man. A man who believes in God. A man who devotes his existence to God. A man who is there to teach you everything you need to know about Him. A man who is willing to answer all of the questions that you have and help you find your path in life.

You deserve someone who enjoys going to church with you and loves spending that type of quality time with you. Someone who lives his life in harmony with the Lord. Someone who is deeply sensitive to spiritual things and completely opens up to you and Him. Someone who wants to discuss all of his thoughts, emotions, and beliefs with you and help you understand the Word of God.

You deserve someone who does everything to bring you closer to Him. Someone whose values are deeply rooted in God’s word. Someone who lives life according to the Bible and draws you closer to him because there is nothing more precious in life than sharing the same values and beliefs with someone.

For a godly man will love you in ways you’ve never been loved. He will treat you with the utmost respect, appreciate you for who you are and constantly assure you that you are his biggest blessing in life.

A godly man will always be there to meet you with a compromise, even in the most heated of arguments. He will never let his anger destroy the connection that you two share because his faith in God will always help him calm down and think things through. There won’t be any unhealthy, toxic coping mechanisms because this relationship will have Him in the middle.

This man is going to make you the happiest woman alive. A Godly man who always puts Him first will choose to love you for all eternity. He will be loyal to you. He will pursue you, pray for you, pray with you and treasure you forever. He will promise you that he will stay by your side forever because his love is true and genuine. The kind of love that comes from God.

This man will be everything to you. Your friend and your partner. Your advisor and your lover. Your eternal companion. Your protector.

A godly man will spoil you with his deeds, not with his gifts. For he knows that love has nothing to do with the material possessions we give to people. Instead, he will do everything to spoil you with his attention and affection.

A godly man will love you in ways no other man has loved you before.

Stephanie Reeds