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You Deserve To Date Someone Who Texts You ‘Good Morning,’ Every Morning


I get it. You are exhausted from dealing with people who are not meeting your expectations, people who stand you up, people who don’t respect you or care about your feelings. You know you want something more, something more tangible, something that will make you feel loved and secure in your relationship.

Because you know you deserve to be with someone who texts you ‘good morning,’ every morning.

You want to date someone who won’t be afraid to reveal their true feelings for you. Someone who will share every piece of their soul and their heart. Someone with whom you’ll feel safe enough to not make your mind guessing and overthinking.

You deserve to be with someone who is willing to prioritize you and your relationship. Someone who actually wants you in their life.

You should be dating someone who thinks about you immediately after waking up and can’t wait to hear your voice or send you a sweet text. You should date someone who feels happy for having you in their life. Someone who praises your beauty, character, intelligence… Someone who respects and loves you for who you are – flaws and all.

You deserve someone who puts you first. Someone who is thoughtful. Someone who is a great listener and when they ask you ‘how’s your day’ they really want to know, they are not doing it out of courtesy.

Date a person who never stops thinking of you.

Someone who never fails to send you a ‘good morning text’ the moment they wake up because you are their first thought in the morning and their last one before they fall asleep. And as the hours go by, they continue sending you thoughtful reminders that you are on their mind.

Date someone who reassures you and proves they are not interested in anyone else but you because they don’t want you to have fears and doubts. Someone who puts your feelings above their ego.

And with every word, with every action, they are proving to you their honesty, loyalty, and their undying love for you. Gently reminding you that you have a very special place in their heart.

Mary Wright