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4 Reasons Why Should Never Use Your Phone Before Bed


What’s the last thing that you do before you go to sleep? Do you read a good book, meditate, or count sheep? More than likely, you probably don’t do any of things just before closing your eyes and settling down for the night. Like all of us, the last thing that you probably do before going to sleep is look at your phone.

It’s something that nearly everyone in the developed world has adopted into their daily routines. However, it’s a terrible habit that can affect your mind and body in many awful ways. If you’re still not convinced, here are 4 reasons why you should never use your phone before bed.

1. You’re Disrupting Your Sleep Cycle

People often say that they like to look at their phone while in bed because they believe that it makes them feel sleepy. Although that can be true, that feeling of tiredness often doesn’t lead to real, good quality sleep. The blue light that’s emitted from your phone tricks your brain into thinking that it’s daylight. This then disrupts melatonin production which is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Sadly, this disruption can cause a wealth of other problems for you as well.

2. It Damages Your Eyes

The blue light from your phone doesn’t just disrupt your circadian rhythm. In addition to that, it is also extremely harmful to your eyes. It can cause permanent retina damage which can eventually lead to macular degeneration, also known as chronic blurred vision. Along with that, experts are now researching the connection between smartphone usage and the development of cataracts.

3. You’ll Be at a Higher Risk of Depression

Because of the sleep and hormone disruption caused by blue light, using your phone before bed also puts you at a much higher risk of developing chronic depression and other mental health issues. This is due to the sleep deprivation and a fogginess that you can feel in the morning. As well as that, sleep deprivation can also cause neurotoxin buildup in the body which can have long-term effects on your mood.

4. It Can Affect Your Memory

Although smartphones give us the ability to learn anything at any given time, they don’t actually make us smarter. In fact, they can even cause our memory to deteriorate. This is, once again, because of the loss of sleep quality. During sleep, the brain repairs itself so that it can run effectively the next day. However, when you’re missing out on that, it can be difficult for you to think clearly, remember things, and pay attention.

It may be tempting to pull out your phone before bed to check your emails, scroll through social media, or take one last look at the news. However tempting it may be though, it’s far better for you if you give your smartphone a break. Most experts will recommend that you don’t use your phone at all in the 2 hours before bed. So, use that time to do something more enjoyable and relaxing instead.

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Eva Jackson