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You Deserve To Be Someone’s First Thought In The Morning


You deserve real love. You deserve a partner who knows your worth and loves you for you.

You deserve patience. You deserve a patient lover who is willing to wait for you to calm down instead of heating up the argument. You deserve a person who will never leave you alone. Someone who doesn’t want to risk losing you because you are everything they have ever wanted.

You deserve someone who stays even when you are pushing them away. You deserve a person strong enough to break all the walls you’ve built around you to protect your heart.

You deserve to have a lover who will never make you feel scared that they will break up with you. You deserve someone who makes you feel safe and loved. Someone who feels like home.

You deserve a genuine and loyal person. Someone you can always count on. Someone who will be with you during both good times and bad times. Someone who understands that life is a series of ups and downs and is willing to go through everything with you.

You Deserve To Be Someone’s First Thought In The Morning

You deserve to be loved and appreciated. You deserve someone who will never make you question your worth or where you stand in their life. You deserve peace. You deserve a love that feels easy. Because truly loving someone should be the easiest thing to do.

You deserve to be loved for your strength as well as your weaknesses. You deserve a lover who will love you all your quirks and all your insecurities. Someone who will make you feel desired.

You deserve to be someone’s first thought in the morning and the last one before they fall asleep.

You deserve someone who texts you whenever they see something that reminds them of you. Someone who calls you just to hear your voice and tell you they miss you. You deserve someone who won’t make you feel like you must fight for their attention.

You deserve someone who sees your worth and wants you in their life.

You deserve someone who will ask you how your day went and try to cheer you up when you feel sad. Someone with whom you can talk about anything. Someone who won’t judge you but will point out your mistakes because they want to make you a better person. You deserve a love where you both can grow, and your love will inspire you to become the best version of yourselves.

An unconditional love. True love and stable partnership. That’s all we are striving for…

You deserve someone who will be your love and your best friend at the same time. Someone to whom you will be the most important person in the whole world.

Someone who chooses you every single day.

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