Home Spirituality You Deserve Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Love You. Period.

You Deserve Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Love You. Period.

You Deserve Someone Who Isn’t Afraid To Love You. Period.

Modern dating has posed new rules upon us. Frequent texting, display of emotions, spending time with your partner for over 2 hours is considered needy or clingy. 

People have built barriers, walls around their emotions, so they now talk about how their day went or how was work, but they do not actually communicate. 

Modern dating has made us scratch the surface of emotional bonding, but we stopped there.

We stopped there for the fear of opening up to someone, of showing our fragility. 

I remember being so outspoken and wanting to talk about all that which exists below that surface, and the person never called back.

Well, I want to talk about what really matters; I don’t just want to laugh at memes and talk about how hungry I am and where we should go for lunch. 

That’s what people do to avoid deep conversations for the fear of being judged. It’s the beginnings – all sweet and easy. 

I want to have someone who will jump over their individuality complex and talk to me. Spend the day with me and be excited about it. 

I want someone who will not be afraid to express their feelings, someone who will not be reserved and act out all distant. 

I want it all in a relationship because I want a relationship for me, not for social media. I am like that with friends and family – I give my maximum and I invest myself. I am like that in relationships and it’s enough of that don’t be so needy mentality.

We are all human and we all want the same things and we shouldn’t be afraid to get them.

Find someone who will share their life with you, who will hold your hand despite what the world thinks. 

Find someone who will shout from the rooftops they want to spend the day with you, that they cannot wait to do it. 

Find someone whose heart will skip a beat at the thought of going on a date with you.

Find someone who will be real: genuine emotions, actual conversations, a real-time investment. That’s all we need, really. 

We need our friends to be loyal and honest, able to share everything with us. We need our family to stay beside us and not bail out on family time. We need real love and real relationships. 

The core of life is giving everything you have and not hold back. 

What’s the point of having mediocre, quasi, incomplete relationships?  

Sometimes, you dive into the swimming pool, and there is no water inside. That’s love. Risk, excitement. Taking a leap of faith. You’ll learn from it much more than you will from your emotional shield

Love should recharge your batteries, renew your faith, and plunge you into joy and spontaneity; it shouldn’t be about looks and appearances, it shouldn’t be about calculations and reserved behavior. 

Now, if you haven’t found that person yet, put on some music and vibe. Just do your thing. Real is better than mediocre, and when something is real – you will know.

Nora Connel