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The People In Our Lives Are There For A Reason: They Help Us Grow Spiritually

we fall in love with people who help us grow

Why are we so desperate to change those around us?

I’ve always wondered what is it about us that makes us force others to become the people that we need them to be and mold them to perfection. One of the reasons just has to be our innate desire for perfection, even though we are perhaps one of the most imperfect creatures on Earth.

Another one of the reasons is the need to be understood. The need to be accepted. The need to have someone exactly the same as us in our lives. A person who will literally be at the other side of the mirror. We crave that connection so much, thinking that if we succeed to fix people and mold them into something that would suit us the best, we’d eventually find happiness. And we’d finally be where we need to be in life.

And meanwhile, we forget one very important thing. We forget that if they are there, if they are already in our lives, then there must be a reason for it. We fail to realize that that person in front of us, no matter how flawed and imperfect, must have a certain purpose for their arrival. A certain mission they have to accomplish. A certain journey in front of them. We fail to realize that they might be there to teach us some of the greatest lessons in life. And with it, help us grow…

The truth is, every person that crosses our road is there for a reason. Each and every single one of them plays a certain role in our book called LIFE. They are all different characters and they all serve a different purpose.

Some of them are there to stay for a day and leave. Some are there to stay for a little longer, break our hearts, and go. And some are there to stay a lifetime. Some disappoint us. Some are a distraction. Some hurt us. Some bring out the best in us. Some bring out the worst in us. Some are a gift. Some face us with the greatest pain in our lives. Some destroy our lives. Some make us lose hope. Some bring our hopes back.

The only thing that all of those people have in common is their impact on our lives. All of these human beings, all of these relationships, connections help us grow and transform ourselves into the people we need to be. They are there to help us grow both spiritually and emotionally. To broaden our horizons. To inspire us to get back on our feet and fight. To prove to us that life is nothing but a journey. A journey that is supposed to teach us all there is before we finally depart.

A journey that is supposed to change us. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. But always for the sake of progress and growth.

So, why not accept them? Why not embrace every single one of the souls in your life and give them a chance to let you know why they are really there?

They have a story to tell. And they have lessons to teach you. Allow them.

Stephanie Reeds