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You Deserve More: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Alone Until You Find The Right One

You Deserve More: Don’t Be Afraid To Be Alone Until You Find The Right One —

How is it that it’s the 21st century and people still shame other people for being alone?

It’s truly disappointing. They look at single men and women like they are some kind of freaks. Like there’s something wrong with them. They look at them and judge them without even putting themselves inside their shoes. Without realizing how much their behavior hurts others.

Well, enough is enough. I don’t know about you, but I will no longer stand idly by while single life continues to be stigmatized. Singlehood is a beautiful phase of life that we all need to experience. It is not something that people should dread and frown upon. Being single it’s okay. Living life on your own is not miserable and sad. It is actually very fulfilling and liberating.

So, if you are someone who has just gotten in a relationship because you are too tired of being alone, I have news for you. You are never alone as long as you have yourself. Plus, you deserve much more than what you are settling for. Never forget that.

Here’s why being single is one of the most beautiful experiences in life:

1. You finally have enough time to get to know yourself better. When you are single, you have the opportunity to finally get to know yourself for who you are. To dive deep inside your soul and meet the real you. The fears. The insecurities. The opinions. The traumas. The triggers. Everything. Every little thing that makes you YOU.

2. You don’t have to answer to anyone else but yourself. You don’t have to worry about others agreeing with your decisions or approving of you because you decide for yourself. You decide what works for you. You decide what you want to do with your life. You don’t have to worry about what your partner will think because it is your opinion that you care about.

3. You can focus on the things that bring you joy. Being single allows you to finally get out of your comfort zone and find yourself under the stars. It allows you to explore the world and choose what you want to focus on. It gives you time to get things done. To learn more, to develop as a human being, to dream more, and to accomplish all of your goals. There is a whole world of opportunities and chances out there for you. You just need to set yourself free.

4. You are free to live life by your own rules. In other words, you are free to do whatever the hell you want with your life. It’s easier to see your path, easier to envision your dreams. To create the world of your dreams.

5. You get to learn some of life’s most valuable lessons. Singlehood will open your eyes to many things. It will show you that not every person in your life is worth your time. It will make you aware of how important self-love is on your journey. And it will give you the strength that you so desperately searched for in others. It will remind you that everything you search for in others, it’s already in you.

Stephanie Reeds