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If You Want To Start Healing, You Need To Let Go And Move On With Your Life

If You Want To Start Healing, You Need To Let Go And Move On With Your Life

Every relationship that you encounter changes your life. But the difference between them is the fact that while some change it for the better, some also change it for the worse. They become a big part of our life and very quickly, we get addicted.

We get attached to people that are not good for us. And when they finally reveal their face and hurt us, our heart breaks to pieces. Yet, we decide to keep going. To give another chance for the sake of love. Blindly, without seeing the truth. Without admitting that maybe there’s nothing left there, and maybe, it is finally time to move on…

Here are some self-help tips that I believe will provide you with guidance…

Whatever you choose to do, remember that if you want to start healing, you need to let go and move on with your life. No matter how hard it is. No matter how weak you are.

 1. Accept the truth. Give yourself the time to process your feelings and decide what you are going to do next. It will be difficult, that’s for sure, but you have to be strong. You have to be brave for that is the only way you’ll ever make it.

2. Remind yourself that only you hold the key for letting go. You are the only creator of your life. you decide what works and what doesn’t. You make the choices in your life. You know what makes you feel good and what makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, you are the only one that has the power to let go.

3. Stop worrying about the outcomes. I know that making this step scares the hell out of you. I know that you are terrified of what will come next. And of course, you are. You cannot possibly know what the future has in store for you. But just think about it. Right now, you are in a place in life that doesn’t feel good. You are in a relationship that makes you suffer. You need to save yourself. You need to think about your wellbeing. Your happiness and your future. Nothing else matters right now. Only that.

4. Claim full ownership of your life. Remember that no one else is responsible for your life but you. You are in total control of everything that is happening to you, even when it doesn’t always feel that way. Take control of your life right now.

5. Open your mind to new possibilities. Open your arms to a new life. A brand new journey. Take a deep breath, let go of the life that you know, get rid of all the pain inside that beautiful heart of yours,  accept that what’s done is done, and keep moving forward. Even if you don’t exactly know what the future holds in store for you. Even if the road leads you somewhere you’ve never been. Take that chance. You owe it to yourself.

6. Don’t let fear hold you back. Stop allowing it to keep you trapped. You are one decision away from staying its hostage for the rest of your life. All you need to do is just get out of that horrible place in life, feel the freedom on your skin, and let go of everything that hurts you. What is meant to happen to you, will happen, regardless of how much you avoid it. And remember, it is okay to feel lost. It is okay to feel sad. All of that is a part of grieving. It helps you grow through what you go through and continue your journey. Don’t fight those feelings. Let them overflow your body and soul, feel them, and accept them as they are. Better things are coming your way…

Stephanie Reeds