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You Deserve A Guy Who Can Get His Sh*t Together And Decide That He Wants To Be With You


I was with a guy for a whole year who I was madly in love with. My love for him was so blind that I looked past all the things that he did wrong. I would cry every time that he would tell me it was over and forgive him as soon as he decided that I was good enough for him again. Even though he would constantly break my heart and pull it back together again, I still stayed.

What I want most is for you to learn from my mistakes. I want you to find someone who will treat you with the respect that you deserve and not just like some toy. You deserve a guy who can get his sh*t together and decide he wants to be with you.

You Deserve Someone Who Really Wants You

You’re not just there for someone else’s enjoyment. He can’t just come into your life when he’s bored and leave you whenever he feels like it. Your feelings are valid, and you deserve to have someone in your life who treasures you. An asshole who plays with your feelings is not good enough for you.

Being in an on-again, off-again relationship will destroy you. It will take away any bit of confidence you have. Worst of all, it will leave you feeling like the only people who will love you are scumbags likes him. You’ll forget your worth and how important you really are.

You Are Worth It

I’m here to tell you right now that you are worth real love. You’re a beautiful person inside and out and you need someone in your life who can see that. The only guy that you should ever even give the time of day to is someone who sees how amazing you are.

He doesn’t just need to see it though, he needs to appreciate it too. He should realize how lucky he is to be with someone as amazing as you. You deserve a man who will put everything into showing you how much he cherishes having you in his life. Don’t settle for a guy who just can’t make up his mind.

You Deserve Real Love

I know you love him, I understand, but it’s a one-sided love. He can tell you that he loves you as much as he wants to, but it means nothing if he’s not willing to show you. If a guy is willing to throw you away and break your heart into a million pieces, then he doesn’t really care about you.

It may not seem like it now, but you will find someone who truly cares. You will find someone who loves you deeply and would never even dream of letting you go. The days of fighting for his attention will be over because he’ll give it to you freely.

You should not be someone’s last option. A guy who thinks that you’re disposable is not worth your time. There’s someone out there who will choose you every time without ever leaving you behind. That’s the kind of love that you deserve.

If you know someone who’s stuck in a relationship like this, share this article with them. Let them know that they deserve so much better than a worthless guy who can’t make up his mind.

Eva Jackson