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You Broke My Heart But I Still Care About You And Wish You Well


I know I deserve better. I know that I shouldn’t have accepted the crumbs that you were giving me. And I also know that I shouldn’t even think about you – the person who walked away so easily without saying a word.

However, I am someone who connects with others on a very deep level and I cannot forget them just like that and move on with my life. I need time for healing to take place.

And I will lie if I say that I no longer think about you, where you are, what you are doing, and whether you miss me. I still want to text you, but I fight the urge to do so because I know you are over me. Or maybe you didn’t really care that much about me. Because you don’t leave the one you love.

That’s why I look unbothered every time I run into you in public. That’s why I won’t even mention your name to my friends because I know I must forget you and talking about you won’t help me to do so. I act like I no longer give a damn about you because I know that that’s the right thing to do because we don’t belong together. But, in my heart – I wish you well and I hope that you are happy. 

And I know that everyone would tell me that I shouldn’t miss you because you broke me. That I shouldn’t think about you even for a moment because you don’t deserve it. Because you have proven to me that you are not worthy of me…

But, I can’t shut my heart like that. The truth is, I think I will always care about you and wish you well. Because I am someone who remembers only the good memories and forgets the bad. I am someone who only sees the good in people and never forgets those who touched my heart. I cannot forget that at some point, I was the happiest with you. 

I know that I am supposed to be angry at you for abandoning me, but I can’t. I still think you are an amazing person. I can’t just forget everything we shared and hate you for leaving. You hurt me, yes. But I know that you didn’t do it intentionally.

I don’t know your reasons, but I can’t be mad at you if you found that your happiness was not with me and you went to find it somewhere else.

So, I wish you all the happiness in the world and I hope you’ll find what you are looking for.

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Mary Wright