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You Are Not Too Emotional Or Too Much – You Are Just Not With The Right Person


You want someone who will allow you to love them the only way you know how to love – freely, deeply, passionately, and unconditionally.

You want to be someone’s source of happiness and the brightest star in their sky. You wait for someone to give you a chance to be their dream come true. To be their friend, lover, supporter, their confidant. Someone who will love them and cherish them from the rest of their life.

If someone gave you a chance you would be their burning passion, insatiable and intoxicating.

But, you may learn the hard way that not everyone is capable of receiving that kind of unconditional love. Not everyone has the capacity to reciprocate that love. Not everyone will appreciate the fire burning in your eyes.

There are people who don’t want to commit. They enjoy being alone and there isn’t anything you can do to change their mind. There will also be people who will take you for granted, who will mistake your sensitivity for madness. Those people are not your people.

Because they will tell you that you are too much – too soft, too emotional, too intense. They won’t be able to contain all the love that you offer to them.

In those moments you must remind yourself that if you don’t fit in someone else’s life it’s not because there is something wrong with you – you are not too much, too emotional, or too intense. You are just not with the right person.

You are worthy. You are lovable. You deserve someone who would give you the love that you so unconditionally give to others.

You deserve someone who will add up to your fire and passion, not someone who extinguishes it.

Stay faithful to your pure heart and never ever allow anyone to dim your light.

Mary Wright