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You Are A Strong Woman But You Deserve To Be Weak From Time To Time


You are a brave, strong woman.

You wear your skin like an armor. Your armor is strong and thick, and you don’t take it off until you go to sleep at night. You destroy hurtful words with the power of your smile and whenever life breaks you down you quickly pick yourself up and turn into a stronger and more resilient version of you.

Many people come to you for help and advice. They lean on your wisdom when their world seems to be crashing down. They see you as their shelter during stormy weather. They see you as someone who is strong enough to make everything okay. You have the arms that can hug them and heal their pain.

Yes, you are a strong woman. But you are allowed to be weak from time to time. You are only human after all.

You are allowed to take off the strong armor sometimes. You don’t have to swat away the words that sting your heart every time. And sometimes you just can’t continue to pick yourself up because you’d rather lay on the ground a day longer.

And you are allowed to take a break and not be everyone’s crying shoulder. Because sometimes you just can’t hold everyone else and solve their problems. Sometimes you need to rest and focus on your life and your problems.

Because sometimes it gets so exhausting and overwhelming being strong all the time that you just have to slow down and take a break from everyone and everything. 

You are allowed to lack strength. You are allowed to get tired and slow down. Sometimes you cannot keep up with all the drama, chaos, and the constant running around that has become your life.

And you know what? This is okay. It’s okay to rest and take a break. It doesn’t mean that you are not strong. It only means that you are tired, like every other human being.

Being weak from time to time doesn’t take away your strength. Being weak doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. I mean, who else doesn’t have a soft spot? Perfection doesn’t exist. Nor does ultimate and everlasting strength.

Just think of the strongest people you know. Your idols. Every one of them has weaknesses and faults. But those weaknesses don’t dim their light and strength. Rather, they illuminate their personality and humanity.

So, let yourself be human. Shine bright with all your flaws and weaknesses. Embrace them. They are your strength. Because if it hasn’t been for them, people wouldn’t have been able to recognize how strong you really are to overcome them.

Mary Wright