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Why When People Ask Me Why I Am Single, I Tell Them I Am ‘Overqualified’

When People Ask Me Why I Am Single, I Tell Them I Am ‘Overqualified’

“Why are you single?” “How can someone so smart and so beautiful still be single?”

I am sure that every single woman has heard these questions. They often come from people that don’t even know us but have someone given themselves the right to intrude on our privacy. I am tired of hearing these questions. They are stupid, inappropriate, and somehow evil.

That’s why whenever someone dares to ask me why I am single, I smile and simply respond “I am overqualified.” This shuts their mouths.

In truth, I am single because I am working on myself now. I am focusing on my career and on myself. I am focusing on my future, and a relationship is the last thing that I could think of right now.

I am happy with my single life. I refuse to be pressured by society or by people who think that only by being in a relationship they can be truly happy. That’s total bullsh*t.

True happiness comes from within. If you are not happy with yourself, I don’t think that another person can come into your life and make you happy. They can for a short period of time, but if you can’t find happiness on your own, you will always end up disappointed and sad.

Plus, I’ve been in relationships that drained me, which have eaten away my confidence and self-worth. Relationships that made me feel like I was nothing. That destroyed me and broke my heart. If my choice is another toxic relationship or remaining single, I will stay single forever!

It is better to remain single than settling for someone who is wrong for you just because you want to be in a relationship.

Those people who feel they are lacking something if they don’t have someone in their life are people who are not whole. These people should first learn how to love themselves and enjoy their own company before deciding to share their life with another person.

This is my view on relationships. That’s why I am enjoying my single life and making the most of it. And if the right person comes into my life, then that will be wonderful. If not, my life won’t stop being amazing.

So, my fellow single ladies. Don’t let someone pressure you to enter a relationship if you are not ready. Focus on yourself. Learn self-love and confidence.

And trust me, the right person will match your high-vibrating energy. They will be a whole person themselves just like you. And you two will have a true, loving, and healthy relationship. Something that is rare nowadays.

Mary Wright