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Why Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Their Time On Pretentious Fools


Okay, the thrills of dating can be exciting and fun. However, you’ve got to agree that the whole concept becomes obsolete after a certain period of your life.

I mean, when you’ve pretty much experienced all the drama life has to offer, you can’t allow yourself to give a damn anymore.

Because, truthfully, it is a waste of precious time. A waste of precious energy which could otherwise be aimed at a more productive and fulfilling cause.

Tell me, how many of you, wasted beautiful years, stubbornly trying to maintain something valuable with people who turned out to be most miserable and conniving individuals?

Could you count your failed attempts at love, If I asked you to?

The sad truth is that this world is overflowing with hate, lies, lack of respect, deception, and the even sadder reality is that people nowadays decided to fully adopt these dirty tricks.

So, let’s put a stop to that. Once and for all.

You don’t need that. Not anymore. Not after everything you’ve dealt with.

Try to understand that not a single person in this world will care about you if you don’t. You don’t need someone who would only be there when they need to fulfill their fantasies. And the last thing you need in your life is another cheating and conniving jerk.

Oh, but he’s so gorgeous and adorable… I’ve seen it already. They all are. It’s some kind of a shield, an armor they have against the world. Keep in mind that All that glitters isn’t gold. Never ever let their sweet words and pretentious gestures fool you.

Some would say but no one is perfect, his personality is just a part of who he is…

Oh, dear, while it is very true that all of us have all kind of quirks and weirdest flaws, lying and back-stabbing are actions he consciously chose. He won’t change overnight, and most certainly won’t change because you asked him to.

Strong, and tough women have gone through all the hardships and dramas, only to finally understand, that it’s not worth it.

Anyone who’s giving you a hard time. Anyone who disrespects you. Anyone who thinks they can own you. Any irresponsible individual who thinks they can deceive you. They’re just not worth it.

These women are the ones we should all look up to!

And tell me, how is staying single and alone rather than struggling with meaningless flings a bad thing? Why is this society constantly trying to shame single, and strong women for their choices?

I, myself had a very long and exhausting experience throughout my life. I suffered through several relationships and forced myself to make it real, just so I can be with someone.

I’ve never been more wrong in my entire life.

That is why, despite all of my worst fears of ending up alone, I firmly decided that I’m not going to put up with anybody’s disrespectful behavior anymore. I took the risk to stay single and alone for as long as I feel something genuine.

I don’t need another individual who would play their sick and twisted games on me. I don’t want someone who’d pretend to like me and be with me only when they feel like it. Actually, at the risk of sounding cliché, I really don’t need anyone at the moment.

I’m perfectly fine as it is. I realized that while love and meaningful relationships are something I truly wish for in the future, it is certainly not the most important part of life.

There’s a lot of work we need to finish with ourselves before we’re actually able to step into a relationship with another human being.

And it’s completely up to us, whether we choose to go down that familiar road of self-pity or rise up and bravely defend our well-being.

Don’t be afraid to be alone. Your happiness is something that comes from within you. You owe it to yourself. So, stop pitying yourself and take matters into your own hands.

Enjoy the beauty of this life. Be unapologetically you. Don’t let others control you, touch you, harm you. Be strong, be fierce and most of all stand up for what you believe in.

Because YOU are the creator of your life. Only you make the rules. So, you better make them count.

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Stephanie Reeds


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