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3 Attitudes That Can Make Any Man Addicted To You


Catching a man’s interest can be easy, but keeping him interested, is a different (and not an easy) thing. And you probably know some women who are magnets for men. Men become addicted to them, and not always because of their physical appearance, but their attitude.

Here are 3 powerful attitudes that men absolutely adore in a woman.


There is nothing more attractive to men than a happy woman. Men want to make women happy, so a woman’s happiness attracts them on a deep level and they want to make her even happier.

And not just happiness, all emotions are contagious. A woman who shows her emotions and vulnerabilities is more attractive to men than a woman who is as cold as stone. But be careful, if you are always the victim and you have a pessimistic point of view, men will be repelled by you.

So, be happy, positive, and keep your man smiling. That’s how you can be sure that he will never leave your side.


Have you been on a date and the man had literally told you everything about him? How much were you interested to see him again? I guess, very little. Well, this is true for women also.

If you share everything with him, from your deepest secrets to your childhood memories, chances are, he is not going to be inspired to call you again. So, leave a little mystery. Don’t reveal everything about yourself. That will keep him coming back for more of you.


The reality is, we appreciate more the things that we have to work harder to get them. This is true in relationships also. Be the prize that the man has to earn first. Men are hunters at heart, so making him work for your attention and you love will keep his interest alive, and when he finally ‘earns’ you, he will already be addicted to you.

So, don’t be too available to him. Don’t drop everything just to see him. Have high standards and respect yourself enough to say ‘no’ to him when necessary. Also, don’t be you that always initiates contact. Let him be the man and woo you.

Image: Joanna Kitchener

Mary Wright


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