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Why Strong People Often Experience The Most Difficult Relationships


I know a lot of spiritually awakened and strong individuals out there who keep falling in those same relationships patterns ending up wounded, mistreated and disappointed.

And I can’t help but wonder, WHY?

After some careful consideration, research and talk with some of my friends I realized that there might be a lot of reasons for someone to end up in an abusive relationship.

However, the most common reason for strong people is probably their need to find a relationship that will push them out of their comfort zones.  

You see, they are already taking care of themselves by digging through their baggage, but sometimes in order to grow and keep moving forward, some people need a challenge.

A challenge in a form of a love relationship. Because no matter how much we think we know ourselves, sometimes there’s no greater lesson than a love disappointment.

Relationships have the power to teach us more about life, about people, even about ourselves.

Even the most difficult and dysfunctional relationship will eventually turn into a life lesson that will help us make that much-needed transformation.

This doesn’t mean that strong individuals are doomed forever, but rather, that these human beings are not afraid to experience what life has to offer in order to grow.

They focus on the big picture and believe that everything they experience in life is there for a reason.

So, on their quest for self-knowledge, strong people are often attracted by:


The one that helps them grow. They meet their soulmates who come into their lives in order to challenge them, help them discover something about themselves and make them more aware of their surroundings.

It’s a relationship that leaves them exhausted and stressed. A bond that probably won’t last forever, but makes sure the effects of the relationship do.


Another relationship these people tend to attract is the healing relationship. Strong individuals are also known as the protectors of our realms. They guard us, and they sometimes help us heal.

So, when one healer/giver and a taker meet on their journey of life, the universe will do anything to bring them together.

As a result, they’ll attract someone who is in desperate need of attention and healing.

Strong people are known as human beings who have the power to sense and handle the pain of others, and as such, they are often sent to help other souls deal with their cosmic experience/ transformation.


This might be the most difficult and challenging relationship of all since it includes dealing with a lot of emotional baggage and karma from past lives.

These relationships are often very intense, and difficult. That’s why, healing these karmic issues in a certain relationship can be painful, but also a great potential for evolution and growth.

It is important to understand that these lessons that need to be learned will go on from a relationship into a relationship until they are accepted, embraced and cleansed.

This lesson can be a life-changing experience. But, only if they allow it.

But, what can strong and highly perceptive people do about this?

1. Whenever it gets too much to handle, they can just let go, breathe, reboot and allow themselves to just “Go with the flow”.

2. They can create healthy boundaries and protect their energy from toxicity.

3. They can also let these experiences increase their strength. They can learn from everything they’ve experienced in life.

4. They can focus on themselves and their dreams in life. More self-love and self-respect.

5. They just decide to embrace the difficulty and move forward. Sometimes the greatest lessons can be learned from the most horrible experiences.

Stephanie Reeds