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7 Questions That Every Woman Secretly Wants To Ask Her Partner


In every relationship, there are certain questions that every person dreads to ask because they fear the answer. Or maybe, they want to ask but they don’t know how to ask them. Women are especially bothered by these questions:

1. “Do you really love me?”

Sometimes a woman needs a reassurance of her partner’s love. She wants to feel loved and needed. Even though her partner may be showing their love through actions, she still wants to hear those three little words. It will calm her heart.

2. “How much do you love me?”

Do you love her more than you love playing football with your friends? Do you love her more than beer? She wants to know that her partner loves her deeply. A woman wants to know whether she is the number one person in her partner’s life.

3. “Would you still be with me even if your parents don’t approve me?”

If your parents think that she is not good enough for you will you start sharing their opinion? Would you break up the relationship because of your parents’ disapproval of her? These questions will go through every woman’s mind once she is being introduced to her partner’s parents. And again, she wants to be reassured that her partner’s love for her is bigger than anything.

4. “Does your best friend like me?”

A woman who loves and cares for her man will also care whether his best friends like her. She knows that they play an important role in his life and she wants to be a part of it. She wants his friends to have a good opinion of her. She wants to know what they think of her and do their opinions (especially if they don’t like her) will influence her relationship with her partner.

5. “Do you find other girls attractive?”

Even though she may be perfectly comfortable and confident with her looks, sometimes she can’t stop but wonder whether her partner still finds other girls attractive. She wants to feel secure knowing that her partner chooses her beauty over any other girl’s attractiveness.

6. “Do you find any of your exes prettier than me?”

 And most importantly, do you regret breaking up with them?

7. “How serious have you been with your exes? Have you ever wanted to marry an ex?”

Again, it is about herself and her need to feel special and significant. She wants to know whether his feelings about her are genuine. She wants him to assure her that he hasn’t felt about any woman the way he feels about her.

Ladies, do you have something else to add?

Mary Wright