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Why Narcissists Succeed In Manipulating People And Still Look As They Are The Good Ones

Why Narcissists Succeed In Manipulating People

Narcissists are everywhere around us. However, they are very capable of hiding their identity so that we can’t always see their true colors. Narcissists are exceptional at deceiving others into believing what they want them to believe and it is what makes narcissists so terrifying.

A narcissist is a charmer. They can come across as an amazing person and therefore, people enjoy being in their company. They are witty, charismatic, and fun to be around – characteristics that make them extremely attractive.

However, as time passes, the narcissist starts revealing themselves and then, from the good and wonderful person they turn into the monster they really are. They destroy your world and shatter your self-confidence. They make you insecure, needy, and codependent. They make you their victim and they use you for their own gains.

Narcissists are obsessed with themselves and their own image. They lie to others and to themselves in order to protect the life they imagined they are living.

Regardless of how they treat other people, narcissists can still end up looking like a good person in the minds of everyone they meet, and this is something that the majority of people can’t understand. Yes, narcissists are evil manipulators and they are exploiting those people who care and love them, but narcissists are also very charming, and they can fool anyone into believing they are wonderful and emphatic human beings.

While narcissist’s victims can see the truth behind their lies, everyone else will still believe that the narcissist is a good and genuine person. The narcissist will always be seen as the good cop, while their victim will always be the cop regardless of the proof at hand.

Narcissists are extremely likable and therefore it is very hard to spot them and expose them to others. However, the closer you get to them, the surer you’ll be that you mean nothing to them. Their coldness, abuse, and lies can go into extremes, but no one will believe you. Other people will think you are the liar.

Why? Because narcissists are masters at their game. They know how to manipulate and play with other people’s minds and emotions to get what they want from them and then stage their destruction.

Have you dealt with a narcissist? If you have, how did things end? Have you figured them out before walking away from them?

Please, share your story for us and help other people to stay aware of these evil people. We should all raise our voices and speak up to stop this cruelty that narcissists are inflicting on everyone they get in contact with.

Mary Wright