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Why It Is So Difficult For Strong Women To Find Love


Strong women. We admire them. We respect them. We want to be like them. We want our daughters to be one of them.

They are strong. They are determined. They are capable. And most importantly, they don’t put up with anyone’s bulls**t. They know how to stand up for themselves and for others as well.

However, they often struggle to find love. Why is that? Why is it so hard for them to find their equal with whom they can move mountains?

Because strong women don’t settle. They refuse to settle for anything. They have been through a lot in their life. They experienced pain. They tasted the bitter taste of betrayal. And they rose from the ashes stronger than ever. They are not naïve anymore.

They can see through the men’s intentions and they refuse to put up with their fakeness and mediocrity. They have high standards for themselves and for their potential partners, so they refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve.

Because strong women are intimidating to most men. They are passionate and strong-willed. They are very sincere, and they will always speak their truth even if it hurts someone’s feelings. That makes them intimidating to some men because they are a real threat to the fragile male ego.

Because strong women are fulfilled and complete in every way. They never expect a man to complete them. They already have successful careers, great friends, loving family, and a fantastic relationship with themselves. They are just fabulous, with or without a man.

And this can be too much for some men because a man wants to be the leader in the relationship. And with a strong woman, he can’t. She will never be submissive. She wants an equal, someone with whom she can grow and someone who will bring even more happiness and fulfillment to her already happy and fulfilled life.

Because strong women are independent. They have their own lives, and they will never lose their independence for a man. While they can still love and appreciate the attention and affection that they receive from the man, they don’t need to have it all the time.

Because strong women don’t have time to lose. They live busy lives, so they don’t have time for playing games and dealing with flaky men. Sometimes it is even hard for them to find time for a relationship, let alone waste it on someone who doesn’t deserve them. They would rather be alone and doing all the things they want than be with a man who doesn’t respect their time.  

Because strong women had their heart broken many times. Even though these women are warriors they too have experienced heartbreak. They know pain. They’ve been disappointed many times before. They learned that some men will say anything to get what they want, so they have a difficulty trusting someone. They shield themselves and build walls around them to protect themselves from being hurt again.

Because strong women are confrontational and bold. These women are vocal and they always speak their mind. They have no problem confronting anyone who wrongs them in some way. They hate lies, they hate manipulations, and they hate when someone treats them unfairly. They are not afraid to tell a man what they want in a relationship, and they would not accept anything less than that.  

Of course, some men don’t want a woman like this. They want to be able to get away with stuff. And with a strong woman they can’t. She will challenge them and inspire them to be better men and confront them every time they fail.

Because strong women are comfortable being alone. These women prefer to be alone than be in a relationship with someone with whom they don’t belong. They embrace being alone, and they see that time as an opportunity for them to grow. They make that time count by making themselves better.

Because strong women want to be challenged. They want a partner who is just as strong and fulfilled as they are. They want someone who can challenge them and inspire them to be even better. Someone worthy of their love. Because when these women fall in love, they love deeply and entirely. 

Mary Wright


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