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How To Clean Your Home From Negative Energy Using Only 4 Simple Ingredients


You may not be aware of the amount of negative energy that is in your home. You might not think about it, but you feel this energy as it represents itself in many negative ways that can be harmful to your well-being.

When there is a lot of negative energy in your home, you are bound to feel uneasy, overwhelmed, and stressed almost daily without understanding why.

If you too feel this way, then it is time for energy cleansing. Removing the negative energies from your home should be a routine for you, something that you should do every now and then. Besides, it is a quick process and a lot easier than trying to prevent those energies from entering in your home.

Below is an easy method to effectively clean your home from negative energies.


Ingredients: 1 full glass of water, 2/3 tablespoons of sea salt, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, and 4 drops of white sage oil (or you can substitute it with a frankincense or a clove).


Pour the sea salt into an empty glass and fill it with water. Then, add the vinegar in the glass, and then add the white sage oil as well. You don’t need to mix this. Just place the glass in your room, or if you want a full house cleaning – make more glasses like this and place them in each room of your house.

Leave the glass for 24 hours without moving or touching it. Then, check to see whether you notice a difference in the water.

If the water is the same, then your home is clean of negative energies. However, if the water changed its color or if you notice a small difference in texture, go out and pour the glass outside within at least 10 feet from your house. Then, repeat this process until the water doesn’t change. In rooms that are full of negative energies, you may have to do it for at least one week.

This ritual is effective because the white sage oil together with the other ingredients can remove the negative vibrations from the surrounding air. The sea salt also absorbs those negative energies and all these things together make the perfect team for fighting them.

You shouldn’t flush the water or wash it down the sink because with doing that you can leave some of the negative energy behind. When you take the glass outside and pour the water away from your house, you will remove all the negativity and let the Mother Earth turn it into something positive.

Even though it may seem a little bit weird, I have done this in my home and I guarantee you it has worked wonders for me. I recommend doing this ritual once a month. You will definitely notice a difference in you. You’ll be more open, more positive, more energetic and vibrant.

What do you think? Would you give this a try?

Mary Wright


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