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Why Empaths Are Magnets For Attracting Toxic People And How They Can Break The Vicious Cycle


Empaths are those soft, kind, and incredible individuals that always try to see the best in people. They deeply believe that people are essentially good at heart. They are the first one to say sorry when they hurt someone (often unintentionally).

This is why empaths are magnets for attracting toxic people towards them. Toxic people use the softness and the goodness of empaths as a means to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Their soft and kind heart is their greatest strength, but sometimes it can deceive them and become their enemy. Especially when empaths are dealing with toxic people.

Empaths face problems while connecting with people who have motives and behaviors that are foreign to them. An empath fails to understand how someone can be so driven by money, power, or attention that they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Empaths can’t understand people who have zero regards for the feelings of others. They can’t understand how a person can hurt another person and not even apologize for it. The empath fails to understand that toxic people don’t apologize because they don’t think they ever do anything worthy of an apology.

In their mind, toxic people believe that if someone gets hurt in the process of trying to accomplish their goals, it is their problem because they are only doing business.

Empaths need to understand that while not all people are narcissists, sociopaths, or psychopaths – many of them are toxic and it is vital to approach them with extreme caution.  

If you are an empath and if you are surrounded by someone toxic, whether they are your partner, your boss, your coworker, or your friend, you are immediately setting yourself up for potential hurt.

Sadly, empaths do attract these types of people to them because empaths tend to not only take responsibility for their actions but they also take responsibility for the actions of others. That makes them perfect puppets for abuse by toxic people.

Moreover, if the empaths are led to or manipulated into thinking that others are hurt, upset, angry, or abusive because of something they did or failed to do, the empath will quickly try to do anything to fix the situation.

The empaths always blame themselves even when they haven’t done anything wrong while absolving others of all the responsibility for their actions. And others are more than willing to let them do that.

What a perfect scenario for toxic people, right?

Well, dear empaths, enough is enough.

You are not responsible for the actions and the feelings of others. How someone behaves and feels is not (always) your fault.

You are not the only person responsible for ‘fixing’ a relationship. The other person has to do their part as well.

Finally, you are never going to understand why someone treats you badly until you understand that not every person is like you.

So, once you decide to not carry the whole pain of the Universe at your shoulders, you’ll finally live peacefully, and you’ll stop attracting toxic people in your life.

Image: Laura

Mary Wright