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Why Breaking The Rules Is Key To Keeping The Spark Alive In Any Relationship


How do you feel when you break the rules? Do you feel more powerful and happy because you finally did something you want? There is something exhilarating when you start thinking for yourself instead what others will say. You’ll feel more relieved and free than ever before.

According to Esther Perel, an author and a psychotherapist, the breaking of prohibitions is the ultimate trigger of desire.

There is always a thrill when you do something you are not supposed to be doing and that’s the reason why breaking the rules is one of the biggest cornerstones of desire. Of course, we are not talking about the breaking of the law, but just a little bit of risk taking and doing something that is out of your comfort zone does the trick. And when it comes to relationships, you can be playful with your partner in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

Go to a party together and get drunk.

Send a passionate and flirtatious text to your partner during the day.

Once a week do something together that you’ve never done before.

Exchange sweet notes on the bathroom mirror.

Meet them at a bar and introduce yourself as if you’ve never met before. You can both be who you want to be. Drop the rules and enjoy the night.

After your babysitter arrives, close the door and arrive at the event or the party late. Or skip it all together and go for a romantic walk.

Dress up for them just because.

Don’t think that you are going to look like a fool. Be a fool. Give yourself permission to do something without fear of the results. Because passion and excitement in a relationship come from the unpredictability. Sometimes be mysterious, be fun, be open for new things. And watch your relationship evolve and become stronger than ever.

Mary Wright