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7 Super Powers That All People Suffering From Anxiety Have


All people suffering from anxiety can agree that it is a condition that is very difficult to deal with. It consumes their thoughts, emotions, and even the sanity of their mind. It is a life of constant fear and worries that something bad will happen. It is exhausting, painful, and heartwrenching.

However, people with anxiety have many positive things and superpowers that make them truly exceptional human beings.

1. They See Through People’s Lies

People who are battling with anxiety are more sensitive to their surroundings, more than any other person. They are super aware of what’s happening around them, of other people, of what they say and do. Therefore, they can easily see through lies and manipulations.

2. They Have Higher Levels of IQ

People with anxiety are very analytical and concerned at the same time which is a combination that the highly intelligent people have. Nothing fools them, nothing escapes their mind and eyes, and they pay notice to all the details. Many studies found that people with high IQ suffer from anxiety and vice versa. There is a definite link between anxiety and brain power.

3. They Have A Very Powerful Sixth Sense

Highly sensitive people with anxiety have the power to predict the future due to their highly developed sixth sense. Their anxiety actually helps them to sense when something is not right and thus avoid tragedies. This makes them very guarded and protective, but that’s their cope mechanism for functioning in this insincere and sometimes cruel world.

4. They Have Increased Memory and Creativity

Because people with anxiety always think ahead. They always worry about their future and what it will bring. That makes them extremely creative and it increases their memory because they always look at everything from different perspectives. That opens their mind and exercises their brain. It helps them think creatively and differently and increases their ability to connect past with present situations.

5. They Have Amazing Judgment Abilities And Empathy

No one can understand and thus judge people better than those struggling with anxiety. That’s because of their constant battle with their emotions that it is very easy for them to sense all different kinds of emotions of other people. They understand other people’s feelings and that’s what makes them highly empathetic human beings.

6. They Have A Gush of Energy

Other people often have misconception thinking that people with anxiety feel depressed and down all the time. But, the reality is their energy levels are very high because their body and mind are always working. It’s best for them to find a hobby and canalize their energy into doing something they enjoy and help themselves with their anxiety disorder.

7. They Have A Mind-Reading Power

People with anxiety have an ability to read the mind of other people by being sensitive of their energy and vibes. They know what others are thinking and feeling before they say something. They are very sensitive to energies, especially negative ones and that’s the reason why they can distance themselves from a person without saying a word.

Mary Wright