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Why Aunts Are The Best When It Comes To Raising Children


Grandparents are not the only ones who take care of children and have a positive impact on their development. Aunts definitely bring something special to their nephews and nieces’ lives. Aunts are like their second mothers. And while their parents teach them, their grandparents spoil them, aunts are there to make them better people simply by being loving and awesome!

Because aunts are the best teachers! They always offer different perspectives to help children learn anything from numbers and words to hard life truths.

Because aunts are amazing listeners! They will listen to their nieces and nephews for hours. Whenever they need advice other than their parents’, their aunt is always there for them.

Because aunts bring gifts! They buy their nieces and nephews great presents because they love spoiling them.

Because aunts teach values. They teach kids what’s right and what’s wrong.

Because aunts are the unofficial psychologists! They always have the best advice for everything. They don’t judge, they understand. That’s what makes them children’s favorite counselors.

Because aunts are the kindest disciplinarians! They are calmer and more relaxed when it comes to children misbehaving and they correct them in a very gentle manner without getting angry or too harsh.

Because aunts are the best babysitters! They absolutely love spending time with their nieces and nephews and taking care of them. Plus, they are always willing to watch them when their parents have other things to do. Aunts love to laugh and play with children and children adore them!

And as for the aunts, they are inexplicably happy when their niece or nephew is born because they will get to play with them and do all the cool and fun stuff together.

They will get hugged. A lot.

They will watch their nieces and nephews grow and change and become people of their own. And aunts will be there to support them through any life cycle and change they go through.

Being an aunt is truly an amazing gift! The bond between an aunt and her nieces and nephews is eternal.

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Mary Wright