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The 5 Common Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Watch


Although the primary function of watches is to tell the time, these classic devices have proved to be much more than just time-telling tools.

They are not only an outstanding piece of engineering, but they are also a great way to add a good finishing touch to your outfit, show your personal style, and demonstrate your personal sense of taste. That way, we can say your watch has a whole lot of things to tell about your personality.

However, there are some common mistakes we make daily when it comes to our watches. Below are the 5 common mistakes you might be doing and how you can avoid them.

#1: Not knowing what exactly your watch can do

As much s possible, it is important that you know about the type of watch you have on you. Remember, it is the unique design, features, and complications of watches that distinguish them from one another.

Chronograph seems to be the most common complication of watches, which give you the opportunity to measure elapsed time. After that is the GMT, which refers to when a watch has the ability to track second time zone. We also have some more and more complicated watches. However, on a general note, the merit of a watch is determined by its level of complication, so if you are enjoying yourself around town minute repeater, tourbillon, or perpetual calendar and don’t have a good grasp of what they are or what they do, you are simply missing on a whole lot.

#2: Spending a huge amount of money

Yes, it’s true that handmade, mechanical watches are more expensive, but often the markup is relatively small because the rare material and expertise that go into it is not the easy-to-come-by type. However, regardless of what your budget is, you can always find a watch that will not only be reliable, but handsome and easy on the wrist. Every brand has its own aesthetic and technical merits. This means even if you can’t afford expensive watches now, you can always find a less expensive alternative that you can slowly build your collection with while you also look good.

#3: Getting it wrong in the evening

Of course, you can wear and enjoy your bracelet-strapped pilot’s watch all through the day because that is exactly what they are designed for. However, when it comes to smartening up, you may need a dress watch to make a great evening.

Remember, simplicity should always be your priority. Silver or gold cases, understated dials, and sleek leather straps are also worth looking out for. Most watchmakers will make a dress watch, even though the brand is not very important here. You can check out some omega aqua terra watches to make a choice that best suits your taste.

#4: Wearing leather in the heat

Just like our clothes, our watches are also seasonal. In the same way, a chunky Chrono is not something to consider for a black-tie ball, the summer is no time to wear a sleek dress watch with a leather strap. Going for something with a nato strap during the warmer months is perfect, and that is because they are more comfortable due to the type of material they are made from.

By the way, most watches allow their straps to be removed and replaced so you may not need to buy a new strap before breathing a new life into your old watch. Anytime you find yourself at the beach, remember something with a silicone or rubber strap will best fit the bill.

#5: Neglecting the maintenance of your watch

A few months ago, a Rolex from 1942 went for as much as $2.5million at auction. The reason for that was because if the technological expertise and beauty put into the design of the watch. But these watches got bad in the hands of many people just after a few months of purchase.

It doesn’t matter how much you buy your watch; it is subject to destruction and can wear at any time. That is why it is very important to always keep them in ship shape with regular cleaning and servicing. Most brands will be willing to service their watches, so far you still have a receipt or some other ways to prove you are the owner of the watch.

Alternatively, you can also walk up to some independent watch repair shops scattered all over the place as they are also experienced and able to change your watch glass, refurbish dials and fit replacement parts.

David Smith