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When Your Heart Gets Broken It Means That God Is Saving You For Someone Better


I can feel your pain. I am familiar with all the devastating thoughts and feelings that plague your pure heart. I can see the heartbreak in your eyes. It must have really hurt you. I can see the wounds on your heart, and they are showing in the loss of vitality in the color of your eyes from all the sleepless nights you’ve spent crying. I understand that now the only thing that you want to do is just lie in your bed and forget about everything.

I’ve been there. I know how it is. I know all the sadness and loneliness that is deeply rooted in your heart and soul. Sentiments of desperation and hopelessness are plaguing your mind and dimming your light. I know that you no longer have faith, and who can blame you? But, today, I am here to give it back to you.

So, listen to me when I tell you that your heart will heal. It is not the end. It is a chance for something new to come into your life. Something better. Someone better. You shouldn’t look at your heartbreak as a tragedy, but rather as an opportunity to bloom and improve yourself. There is always a solution for getting back on your feet. And if my words don’t mean anything to you, then listen to the one above you that watches us and loves us all.

Have faith in Him. Trust God because he has a bigger and better plan for you. You may not realize this now, but one day you’ll see that every heartbreak has led you to something beautiful. God needs you to go through the pain to become stronger and resilient. Because he is preparing you for something better.

God will find you someone better, someone who will be worthy of you. Someone with a pure and warm heart just like yours.

Mary Wright