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Which Creepy Trait You’re Hiding, Based On Your Zodiac


Most of us know all the main characteristics of the zodiac signs. Some are caring and moody, others are outgoing and egotistical. What we don’t often hear about, however, are the dark secrets that each sign is hiding.

Every one of them is concealing the most disturbing facts about them. Here’s which creepy trait you’re hiding, based on your zodiac.


You fantasize a lot about what would happen if your loved ones died. Although it’s a heartbreaking thought for you, you still spend a wealth of time thinking about how it could happen and what you’d do if it did. You even plan all the nice things that you’d say at their funerals.


You’re a daydreamer and always come up with different scenarios in your head. However, some of them can become a lot darker, even about accidents or your building setting on fire. In all of these made-up situations though, you’re the hero who saves the day.


You’re completely obsessed with the idea of death, even if you don’t want to admit it. At random times, you start to think about your own death, as well as those of the people that you love.


When you love, you love intensely. Sadly, those intense emotions can linger with you post-breakup too. You often end up stalking your ex’s social media, and perhaps sometimes stalking them in real life as well.


Everyone tells lies, but your dishonesty is a bit different than others’. Whereas most people lie to get out of a situation, you do it just for fun or just because you’re bored. The scary part is that sometimes you yourself don’t even know whether you’re telling the truth or not.


You’re completely obsessive in your relationships. Although you mean well in your nurturing, you often take it too far. Because of that, your partner can end up feeling suffocated and trapped by you.


Your need for admiration is so strong that you’ll do anything to get it. It often doesn’t even matter to you who gets hurt in the process. Although you do feel empathy most of the time, you’re still going to do whatever it takes to get the attention you crave.


You may be shy on the outside, but you’re hiding a much darker secret inside. Although you try to hide it from others, you have some strange fetishes. However, you’re likely to try and keep that part of you locked away.


You’re extremely curious about all things creepy. Because of that, you spend more time than you’d like to admit reading dark articles or watching strange documentaries. Although these things disturb you, you still want to know all about them.


It’s probably no surprise to you that you are the darkest of all the signs. A multitude of different creepy thoughts pop into your head on a daily basis. Sometimes you think about murder, other times you wonder what would happen if you decided to jump out a window or stab someone.


You’ve been pushing away your feelings for so long that your heart has turned to stone. In times where you should feel happiness or sadness, you just feel nothing.  The thing is that this doesn’t bother you since you aren’t really able to feel upset about it.


You’ve got a bit of a temper that you always try to conceal. The way that you take out your anger without anyone knowing about it is through your thoughts. You fantasize about killing people, especially people that are annoying you.

Although no one wants to admit it, everyone has a dark side to them. What that side of them is depends on their sign and is different for each of them. What remains the same between them all is that they will take their secrets to the grave.

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Eva Jackson