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Whenever You Lose Your Strength And Feel Too Tired To Carry On, Read This


I look at you and I see a brave, powerful confident and a smiling human being who can take over the world if they want to. I see boldness in your eyes. I see a determination in your face. I see carelessness in the way you talk. I see a confidence in the way you walk.

You are a person who is always there to help others. You are a person who seems invincible. A real-life superhero. I see that you carry all the weight of the world, and I am truly amazed at how strong you are.

You are a person who goes after the things they want. Someone who is not afraid to pursue their goals. A courageous human being whose confidence could not be easily shaken. A person who believes in themselves and is not afraid to speak up their mind, no matter how different your opinions are.

You are someone who never gives up, someone who is not discouraged by failing. You are a person who gets up on their feet and keeps on trying until you get something done.

I can see that. Your confident posture, your smile, and your body state that.

But, there’s something in your eyes that you cannot hide no matter how hard you try. Those fears and insecurities flow down your cheeks like tears and you think that no one can see them. But you are wrong. There’s sadness inside those beautiful eyes of yours.

I am not blind.

You pretend that you are powerful enough to carry the whole world on your shoulders, but deep down you are soft, emotional and vulnerable. Deep down you own a heart of glass. A heart that needs to be taken care of. A heart that craves to be loved and understood.

And that is okay, darling. It is okay to be fragile. It is okay to feel exhausted. It is okay to feel broken. You don’t have to prove anything to this world. Sometimes, even the strongest and happiest people on earth lose their hopes.  

You put yourself out there, you do so much for everyone around you, you give second chances, you forgive, you try to maintain a positive outlook on life, you fight hard, you stand on your feet, you pick up your broken pieces and after a while you no longer know who you are. You no longer feel capable of fighting the same battle because you’ve lost all of your strength. You’ve lost your spark.

And, I know exactly what it feels like to be tired of life.

You are tired of not being good enough. You are tired of doing everything you can but always taken for granted. You are tired of forgiving people’s mistakes. You are tired of expecting others to treat you the way you treat them. You are tired of being blamed for everything. You are tired of giving too many chances to people who are not worth it. You are tired of being so naïve. You, my darling, are tired of trying to be someone others might like.

So, here’s my advice for you. Stop giving your soul away to people who do not help you flourish. Stop sharing yourself with the world. Stop wasting your energy doing things you do not find inspiring and uplifting.

Learn to be more selfish when it comes to your wellbeing. Learn to let go of things that don’t help you grow. Accept the fact that you are not like everyone else and that everything you experience is for a certain reason. For a certain purpose that you have here on Earth. Stop forcing things to happen, when it is more than obvious that your fate has different things in store for you.

But, more importantly, try to understand that some things and some people are not meant for you, and no matter how hard you try to keep them, you will never be powerful enough to do that.

You are a pure soul trying to survive in this cold, heartless world. You are a dandelion in the wind. You, my dear, are fragile. And if you ask me, that is the greatest strength a person can possess.

So, I beg of you, don’t try to change. Don’t hide your light. This world needs people like you.  

Stephanie Reeds