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When You Leave Her, You’ll Realize That She Didn’t Lose Anything – You Lost Her Instead


When you decide to disappear from her world and leave her alone, remember…She didn’t lose anything – you lost her. Forever.

A strong woman won’t beg for you to come back. She won’t persuade you to stay. She won’t beg you to take care of her. She will say her goodbyes differently.

She knows that everything is temporary in life. People, relationships, affairs, pain… it all ends eventually. She’s familiar with heartbreaks and separations. She’s been through all of it.

That’s why she’s stronger this time.

So, know this.

A strong woman will respect your decision to leave because she understands how important it is for a person to find their path in life. She knows that we all deserve to be happy and we all deserve to truly find ourselves. Also, she is a survivor. So, if ending up alone is her destiny, so be it. She will take care of herself just fine.

She’s perfectly aware that every ending is also the beginning of something beautiful. That every cloud has a silver lining. And even though she’s tired of being taken for granted, she’s a woman who never regrets her decisions, no matter how much they’ve hurt her in the past.

She is not afraid of the future, nor sad because of her past. She’s fearless and she knows that when the right person comes along, she will be brave enough to open her heart once again. Even though she’s been hurt like a million times. Even though her scars are there to stay forever.

That is why, when you leave her… don’t expect her to come running for you. Don’t expect her tears and her warm embrace if you already did everything you could to lose her.

Rather than saying a painful goodbye and mourning the loss of you, a strong woman will try her best to rise above the tragedy and keep moving forward. Your absence will be her motivation to never give up on her dream. The pain will only help her grow stronger than before.

Rather than begging you to come back, she will learn to respect her boundaries. She will forgive herself for going through all of it and she’ll learn to love herself even more. Despite the fact that her heart is broken, she knows that this experience will only be another valuable life lesson.

One thing is for sure… Once a strong woman realizes that she needs to say goodbye, she will never ever come back. When she’s finally through with you, once she moves on with her life, there’s no turning back.

You will be just a small part of her past, and you’ll stay there. She will forgive you, but you won’t have a second chance to prove yourself. Because no matter how much you try, her trust towards you will always stay broken.

That’s the exact moment when you’ll realize that she didn’t lose anything – you lost her instead.

Stephanie Reeds