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When You Finally Find Your True Connection, You Will Know It


You go through life thinking that you will never ever find your soulmate. You spend your days in quiet desperation without having any hope that this person even exists. That one day someone who is meant to be with you will come knocking on your door and tell you that they are here to stay forever.

You take a look around and everyone you know is happy, but for some reason, you cannot find the last remaining piece of your puzzle.

And then all of a sudden, something strange happens. You meet this lovely, incredible human being in a time and a place that you’ve never expected. The minute your hands shake, you feel this electric sensation traveling down your neck and back. For a brief moment, you feel like time ceases to exist.

Your eyes meet for and there is something about them that makes you feel like you’ve already met them. A warm, familiar feeling. A déjà vu.

Here are 5 signs that you’ve finally found your true connection:

1. You know this person like the back of your hand. You know the way their heart beats. You know the way they breathe. You know the way the color in their eyes changes when they are happy and sad. You know their insecurities. You feel their fear. You know this person more than you know yourself.

2. You lose track of time when you are with them. It is almost like time doesn’t even exist when you are next to them. You know them for a short period of time, but somehow it feels like you’ve known them forever. Like you’ve met them in a previous life and now you’re finally reunited. Every single look, every touch, every kiss, every conversation that you two share takes you to a new dimension. When you are together, you transcend to an entirely different world than ours. A world where there’s only you two.

3. You simply click. The connection that you two share cannot be compared to anything that you’ve experienced in your life. It is the kind of bond that people write novels about. The kind that warms your heart, makes you feel calm and complete.

4. They feel like home. You finally understand the meaning of the saying…Home is not a place, it is a feeling. A feeling of familiarity. A feeling of warmth. A feeling of serenity. A feeling of inner peace. Their warm embrace is the safe place that you’ve been looking for your entire life.

5. You are no longer afraid to express your emotions. The fear of opening up that prevented you from developing an intimate relationship with people has faded away. Those insecurities that made you feel like you are not good enough have disappeared. When you’re around this person you feel as though you can be exactly who you are. A vulnerable, emotional and loving human being who is not afraid to show their true colors.

Have you found this person?

Stephanie Reeds