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Being Attractive Isn’t Just About Having Good Looks


We live in a culture where most people like to believe that being attractive is all about having good looks and dress sense. But, to me, being attractive has always been about more than just having a fit body, a beautiful face, a good posture, and dress sense.

To me, being attractive is not just about having good looks – it’s about having qualities that draw people instantly to you. It’s about possessing traits that people feel magnetized to.

So, the question is: What makes a person highly attractive?

Here are 8 habits that make you more attractive and that have nothing to do with your physical appearance:

1. Being aware of and acknowledging your worth.

Being aware of your own worth is not enough. What’s more important is to acknowledge it. To perceive it as your guidance in life.

Knowing your value and worth means being aware of your skills, talents, and strength. It means never allowing what other people think of you to change the way you perceive yourself and lower your self-esteem. Because having good looks is great, but if you don’t have self-confidence and a strong attitude, you have nothing.

2. Accepting and cherishing yourself for who you are.

This is closely connected to the previous point. The only way for you to feel comfortable in your own skin and gain self-confidence is to accept yourself with all of your irritating habits, whims, quirks, insecurities, and fears. Because although your weaknesses and imperfections don’t define you, they’re still a part of you – a part that makes you different from the rest.

3. Living in the present moment.

To live in the present moment means to live without dwelling on your past mistakes, failures, failed relationships, and heartbreaks or having expectations for the future. It means focusing all of your attention and energy on the present moment.

4. Cultivating your friendships.

Charles Darwin once said: “A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Because friendships make life better. They make your life easier, happier, and more fulfilling. They’re the reason you keep fighting for the things that fill your heart with joy. They’re the reason you keep improving yourself and moving forward. So, make sure you never stop nourishing your friendships.

5. Enjoying the little things in life.

Life is made up of little things. This may sound like a cliché to you, but it’s not far from the truth. Because a humble and grateful person will always stop and smell the roses. They’ll always take time out of their hectic schedule to appreciate the beauty of life. And they won’t need a fortune so as to feel happy. Instead, they’ll be grateful for what they already have in life.

6. Consuming healthy food.

Not only does eating healthy food help you keep your body fit, but it also increases your energy levels, improves your metabolism, and lowers your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. So, if you consume healthy food, not only will you feel healthier, but you’ll look better.

7. Always being active.

Whether you’ll choose to work out in the gym or at home or go jogging, cycling, or walking in nature every day, it’s not important – just make sure you find time to do it.

All of these activities are highly beneficial to your physical, mental, and emotional health. And someone who takes good care of their overall health and who always looks fit undoubtedly exudes attractiveness.

8. Forgiving and moving on.

There will always be someone who will try to put you down and take advantage of you. There will always be someone who will make you regret trusting them. But, while you can’t control how others treat you, you can control how you react to other people’s behavior and how much you allow other people’s words and actions to hurt your feelings.

So, instead of holding a grudge against someone who has hurt you, learn to forgive them and move on. Because by carrying around the burden of bitterness and resentment, you’ll only prolong the pain.

Riley Cooper