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When You Are Truly In Love With Someone – You Fight For Them With All Your Heart


Why do we keep holding on? Why is that in us that makes us stay even when we are breaking inside? Why do we continue loving people who are not worthy of our love?

It is in the mere process of loving them that we can sometimes lose ourselves. We lose our self-esteem and our sense of self-worth. We lose perception and clearness of mind. And we can also lose our optimism and gratitude for the good things in our life.

Why do we do this? Why do we waste our time, energy, all our happy moments and opportunities because of our love for them? Why are they our first thought in the morning and the last at night? Why do we constantly think about them? Are we crazy and stupid for forgiving them?

Don’t we deserve better? Are we not realizing our worth? Are we not respecting ourselves?

Because we all know that we should be with someone who will love us with the same intensity as we love them. Someone we trust, someone who appreciates every little thing about us, someone who is glad and thankful for having us in their life.

After all, don’t we deserve to be happy? Shouldn’t we let our loved one go because we want the best for them? Should we give up on them if at the time we can’t make them happy?

I say NO. Fu*k all that “if you love them, let them go” crap.

That’s not true. Other people may tell you to just let it go and move on because you deserve better (which by itself is a valid and true reason), but I won’t tell you that.

Instead, I want to tell you that if you really love someone you should fight for the relationship.

Because how can you just let go of someone you deeply love? Even if you could find the strength to say goodbye to them, can you be at peace with your decision knowing that there still might have been a chance to fix and rebuild your broken connection with your loved one?

A true soldier doesn’t give up. They continue fighting until they have given everything they’ve got, until their last breath.

And this is how you should fight for your love. Don’t give up until you’ve given everything you’ve got. Ask them out, send that long message, ask them for one last kiss and hug. Ask them if you two could start over. Do whatever you think you should do to give your relationship a chance.

In the end, it is better to get hurt but know that you did all you could than living with the regret that maybe you gave up prematurely and without a fight. It is better to choose to fight with all your heart than forever questioning yourself and beating yourself up over the ‘couldas, wouldas, shouldas.’

Because when you really love someone, you fight for them. You fight for your connection, you fight for what you two have together, and finally – you fight through all the pain.

Mary Wright