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Because Real Love Is More Than Sweet Texts, Passionate Kisses, And Butterflies


Being in love is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

It is walking up next to them happy and just wanting to smother them with hugs and kisses regardless of their morning breath and grumpy face.

It is setting up your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier just so that you can spend that extra time cuddling with them before you go off to work.

It is writing love messages and notes on the bathroom mirror or sticking them on the fridge to steal a smile from them.

It is cooking their favorite food and downloading a movie you know they’d love and waiting for them to come home so you can relax together.

Being in love is being raw, vulnerable, and honest with each other.

It is understanding your partner’s needs and coming from a place of true love and empathy. It is seeing their flaws and the differences between you and them. It is choosing to compromise for the sake of your relationship.

It is believing in your partner’s good intention. Trusting that they have your best interest at heart even when they make a mistake.

Because love is the most beautiful driving force in this whole wide world. It is an undeniable feeling and it is showing up in our every move and every word, especially if it is a real one.

Loving someone can also mean pain sometimes.

It can be an ongoing battle. A battle that sometimes is worth fighting for, and sometimes it is not.

It can mean crying your eyes out at night because of something they said or did.

Oftentimes, being in love is worrying about losing them. It is sleepless nights. It is an anxious feeling of fear and jealousy that your partner may find someone better.

Love can bring out the best in you and the worst in you as well as the worst and the best in your partner.

Love means constant growth. It means facing your fears each and every day. It means not giving up.

It is putting everything else aside when your loved one needs you and running to them.

Loving someone is loving them unconditionally. Real love is believing in your relationship. It is about mutual trust and respect. It is about choosing each other over and over again.

But sometimes true love means walking away. Especially if loving someone brings you more pain than happiness.

Because sometimes true love means loving yourself more. And no one can take that away from you.

Mary Wright