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When The Universe Sends A Person Into Your Life It’s Always For A Reason

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They are there to shake our world and open our eyes to new possibilities. To awaken us. To make us leave our comfort zone and take a leap of faith towards the unknown. To make our lives so uncomfortable that we must change something.

They are there to help us grow as a person. To become who we need to be, we must go through a lot of changes. We must change ourselves constantly and grow as a person. And often, this change doesn’t come by itself, but is usually brought on by a third person that walks into our life and inspires us to become a better person. 

They are there for a short period of time to change our circumstances at the moment. Some people are there to fundamentally change our lives, while others’ influence is much more subtle. This may be the woman you have a short conversation with at the supermarket, or the man you meet on your way to work and have an instantly short connection. And even though these people are not meant to be in our lives, our meeting with them always has a purpose. 

They are there to remind us of our goals. Whenever we escape from our true purpose, the Universe sends someone to send us on the right path again and remind us to focus on our dreams and what’s important to us.

They are there to stay. Of course, every person you meet won’t stay in your life in the long run. However, those who do stay are the most important people for you. These include your family, your friends, and your life partner. You should never take these people for granted. 

Every day is a blessing and every person you meet has something to teach you. Embrace their presence. The Universe always has something beautiful for you. Trust the process. 

Mary Wright