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We Live In A Society That Has Lost All Its Values


Sometimes, I can’t help thinking that our society has become a living hell for all of us. People are no longer warm and kind towards each other. Some are, but I am talking about the global picture.

People no longer know how to stick together. We have lost all the values that mattered to us in the past. Integrity, solidarity, honesty… and most importantly – love. We have forgotten how to love.

We have become cold and emotionless. In the past, people did everything they could to solve their marriage problems because the word ‘divorce’ wasn’t even in their dictionary. They were more bold, more courageous… they fought for what they loved.

And us? Nowadays, we think it is normal to get a divorce if you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage instead of forgiving your partner and fixing what is broken.

We think we have a choice to stay in an (unhappy) marriage and try to repair the damage or find a new partner and start anew. And somehow we are choosing the second because it seems easier to us.

That’s why our grandparents lasted together for so many years. Because when they were faced with a problem, they didn’t ignore it. They worked on it and they were trying to find a solution instead of running from it.

Let’s change this! Let’s bring to life the old values. Let’s choose love, not hate.

Life will always be difficult and challenging at times. But the great thing is that we have the power to make it beautiful for us if we are prepared to do the work.

Because love is always worth taking the risk.

Mary Wright