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When The Right One Comes Along, You Will Feel It In Your Heart

When The Right One Comes Along, You Will Feel It In Your Heart

I know what is like. You’ve spent your entire life waiting for that one person who will change your life and love you the way you deserve. The soulmate that everyone is talking about. Your destined person. Your greatest love.

And now you’re tired. You are exhausted.

You want to keep moving, but there is this little voice inside of you that robs you of your hopes…

You are sick of searching for something that seems so damn unattainable. You are sick of disappointments.

I feel that pain inside your heart. I really do. Because, once upon a time, I was in that exact same place that you are now.

But you mustn’t let go of your hopes. You mustn’t give up.

You need to listen to me.

One day, you will meet the person of your dreams. One day you’ll cross your path with the ONE who is meant to be in your life forever. You may not realize that it’s him at first, but pretty soon you’ll realize that he entered your life for a reason.

You will find him when you least expect it. But once your eyes meet and hands touch, you will immediately feel that strange feeling of relief. You will finally feel those crazy butteries in your stomach. A sudden rush of excitement will flow through your body. The intense energy between your bodies will electrify you. And you will know it.

After all of those years of neglect, disappointments, and pain, your heart will finally feel loved. You will finally understand why nothing before this man ever worked out for you. You will finally realize that the pain and all of those mistakes were simply stepping stones. Because they lead your way to your one true love.

The most wonderful part of meeting this amazing person for the first time in your life is that you won’t feel the need to question or doubt him. You will simply know. You will know it in your heart that they were created and brought on this earth to be with you.

For the first time in your life, there won’t be any confusion or anxiety in your mind. You will simply feel calm in his presence. Because deep inside your heart, you will know that you’ve found the one you’ve been looking for.

So please don’t settle when it comes to love. To feel true, genuine love and love someone in return is the most remarkable feeling in the world. It is the greatest bliss a person can hope for. Why would you deprive both your body and soul from that?

Never accept a love that doesn’t help you flourish and evolve. Never ever accept a person who is not ready to love you the way you deserve to be loved. Never repress your need and desire to feel the all-consuming power of true love. Never accept less than you deserve. Never forget how much you are worth. Never stay with someone who doesn’t make you happy.

Love is not meant to be difficult. Love is supposed to liberate you and encourage you to fly. So, please, do not settle for just about anyone until you meet a person who triggers these feelings inside your beautiful, fragile heart.

When the right one comes along, you will know it.

Stephanie Reeds