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When Someone Decides You Are Not ‘The One,’ You Move On With Your Life

How To Be Okay

When someone decides you are not “the one” – you walk away. Don’t ask them why. Don’t try to prove them wrong. They have made their decision. So, respect their decision and proudly walk away. Be polite with them, appreciate the moments you’ve shared but walk away and never look back.

Don’t ask them to hang around. Don’t agree to meet them either. Don’t try to find reasons to justify why you want to continue your relationship with them when they don’t have any intention of making it committed and stable. Find your own closure and move on.

not the one

Be okay with not being chosen. Feel the pain. Cry if you feel the need to but let go. You will fall in love again with someone who will love you and only you. With someone who will be sure that you are ‘the one’ for them.

When someone decides you are not “the one” – don’t think that there is something wrong with you. When someone doesn’t see themselves being in a relationship with you doesn’t mean that you are not relationship material. It’s not about you and what you bring to the table. It is all about them and their preferences. You will find someone who is more suitable for you.

Step out from your mindset that there must be something inherently wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you. You are lovable and you are deserving of love. And you will find the love that is just right for you.

Therefore, when someone decides you are not “the one” – let them go. Stop being with someone who doesn’t think of you when they think of the future. Don’t make a priority someone who considers you an option. Don’t let them underestimate you by stringing you along. You deserve more than that.

Be strong enough to resist them, cut them off from your life, and save your dignity. You owe it to yourself.

Finally, when someone decides you are not “the one” – you thank them, and you leave because you refuse to waste your time.

Then, take your time to heal and find yourself again. It will be hard at the beginning. You will hurt. But, as time passes, you will feel better. You will regain your confidence again and you will feel proud of yourself for being brave to leave behind someone you loved.

Plus, now you are free to find ‘the one’ who is also looking for you.

Mary Wright