Home Stories Instead Of Buying More Gifts, This Year Give Each Other More Love

Instead Of Buying More Gifts, This Year Give Each Other More Love

Instead Of Buying More Gifts, This Year Give Each Other More Love

It’s the holiday season again. Every year we expect to become closer during this time, but are we? Our consumerist society has made us obsess about gifts instead of focusing on what’s truly important: sharing love with the people that are close to us.

The Christmas spirit should be about bringing people together. It should be about love. It should be about enjoying your holidays with the people you love.

Growing up, I saw my parents every year stressing themselves out to buy me and my brother gifts and have the Christmas we want and failing to be present and give us the things we needed – a quality family time. Instead of spending time with us, they were closed-off, and we could sense that they only wanted for the holidays to be over.

If you are someone like me, then you don’t care about presents, but you need to be around your loved ones during the holidays. We don’t need more gifts; we need more love.

In this cold and sometimes cruel world, it is sad to see grown-ups and children who are not as fortunate as us. There are kids who wake up without presents under their tree because their parents don’t have any money to buy them something. There are also kids who don’t even have a tree or a warm home. There are people whose only wish is to have their basic needs met. That’s all.

There are people around the world who struggle every day, and that’s why we should always be grateful for the things we have. If you are able to read this article on your pc or smartphone, you are a lucky one, because there are people who have never seen a computer or a smartphone.

I don’t mean to make you feel bad, buying presents for your friends and family is good, but don’t forget what holidays are really for. They are for spreading love and being together. They are about helping the less fortunate. They are about presence.

Mary Wright