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When It Comes To Love, Trust Your Gut Because Your Heart Is A Fool

When It Comes To Love, Trust Your Gut Because Your Heart Is An Idiot

When it comes to heartaches, I couldn’t help but wonder, why is it that when someone breaks our heart we suddenly start acting like emotionally-imbalanced teenagers?

And why does our girlfriends always try to comfort us with the same old white lies in the lines of, “ He will come back, you’ll see,” “He will realize what he has lost,” “He loves you, but he needs time to figure things out…” and so on and so on. And even though these sentences are well-intended, they don’t help us heal the pain.

As for me, I want the truth. I want someone to say the words that I’m unable to say out loud. I want someone to give me a slap on my face speaking the facts, and that are “He is not calling you because he doesn’t think about you,”  “He acts distant because he doesn’t care,” “You don’t see him because he doesn’t want to see you,” “He acts flaky because he is not interested in you!”  

But, I must admit. Even if they were telling me these things (and some of them were) I still wouldn’t have listened and would have still followed my illusions and my wishful thinking instead.

I have trouble letting go of someone I love but who clearly doesn’t love me back because in my head, I find million excuses for his behavior. The thought of me being separated from him is somehow more devastating than me having to lower my standards and accept his shitty treatment.

This has to stop. No more handsomely charming but flaky guys. No more guys with Peter Pan syndrome who refuse to grow up and act like real men. No more empty words and promises. No more connections that don’t lead anywhere. I’m done. From this point on, I am starting on a clean slate. No more drama.

I need to increase my standards and start choosing better partners. And also, I must learn to follow my gut because apparently my heart is an idiot.

Mary Wright