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When Is The Right Time To Settle Down, You Will Know

When Is The Right Time To Settle Down, You Will Know

Is there a deadline set for when you are supposed to settle down? Is there some prescribed timeline? If you don’t settle down before your thirties, will you stay alone forever? Whoever made these assumptions and passed them through years and years for generations to follow was surely not thinking clearly.

The superstitions of settling down follow generations and generations. There is always this constant talk among people about, “When are they getting married?”; “Why aren’t they settling down?”; “Why isn’t she getting a boyfriend?”; “It’s his time now.” There is so much judgment in these questions.

Let’s hold on just a second, and think. Do people really know when the right time for YOU to settle down is? Do people really know when the right time for YOU to find a boyfriend is? And the answer is a big NO. Of course, people don’t know what is better for you. Only you have the power to know what is good for you and when it’s the right time for you to settle down.

Even you need time to find the right person. It’s not like going to a supermarket and just buying things. It’s about feelings.  You need time to find the right person, to spend time with him, to decide whether they are good enough for you and, of course, if you two can even build a future together.

There’s no shame in being single. Maybe, you dated too many toxic people, and now you know what you want. Or maybe, you focused more on your career and just didn’t have time to date a lot. Whatever the reason is, you have your whole time ahead of you to find what suits your soul best.

Don’t waste too much time on the thought of settling down late. Better late than never, right? But, to be more precise, how would you feel if you settle down with the wrong person just because people say that it’s the right time? Take your time. Time is gold. Don’t rush into relationships, don’t rush into marriage as well.

You shouldn’t decide based on years, as well as based on society. Just because everyone around you settles down doesn’t mean that you must settle down too. You should wait for the right person. When the right person comes, enjoy your time together, enjoy the relationship, learn and grow.

Don’t rush yourself, even if you are in a relationship. Even if you know that you two fit perfectly, you just aren’t ready to take a bigger leap into marriage. Follow your careers together, support each other. Travel the world together, and when the right time comes, you will feel it.

Forget about society and about what people talk about you. People do the talking because other peoples’ lives are always more interesting than their own. You should focus on yourself and on your growth. And when the time is right, you will know, and you will settle down.

Settling down means liberation, as well as what you are feeling when you are single. Because you will settle down with the right person and you will love every second of it.

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