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What You Need To Know About Loving An Extrovert


Loving an extroverted person means letting them be who they are. Loud, talkative, curious, open, sociable. It means understanding that they’ll always have something interesting to suggest doing together with you. It means understanding and embracing their crazy ideas.

Loving an extroverted person means letting them hug you and kiss you in public because that’s their way of showing their love for you.

It means letting them flirt with you and seduce you. Because an extrovert will do everything in their power to steal your heart, and once they win your love, they’ll never stop putting in the effort to keep it that way forever. Because they know how to recognize a deep connection. They know how to recognize something unique and special.

Loving an extrovert means understanding that they’ll try to be around you as much as they can. Because when an extrovert is in love, they enjoy spending time with their significant other. No matter how busy they are, they’ll always make time for their beloved.

An extrovert will always find a way to take you somewhere private – a narrow alley, a dark corner, a bathroom. Somewhere they can hold your hand, look passionately in your eyes, run their fingers through your hair, and give you a kiss. A kiss that will make your body tremble like an autumn leaf and your heart beat like crazy.

But remember – no one is an extrovert all day, every day. Even the most extroverted individuals out there appreciate silence. Yes, silence.

And not any kind of silence but the one in which they can feel that your soul reflects their own. The one in which they can feel that you can listen to their unspoken words, feel their most hidden feelings, and sense their deepest insecurities and fears.

They embrace and appreciate the kind of silence in which you and they become one.

If you ever have the privilege to love and be loved by an extrovert, know that they’ll never be in a relationship with you just for attention. Don’t let their curious nature and friendly personality confuse you – they don’t need anyone to boost their ego, shower them with sweet words, and make them feel like they’re the center of attention.

Because they have friends that can provide all of this for them.

When an extrovert is in love with you, it’s for nothing less than the strongest and most profound and soulful connection they’ve ever known in their life.

Loving an extrovert means understanding that they’ll be eager to introduce you to their family and friends. They’ll enjoy talking about you to their loved ones. They’ll enjoy praising you and telling the whole world how grateful they are for having you in their life.

Loving an extrovert means knowing that you’ll never have to beg for their attention. They’ll give you plenty of it.

Loving an extrovert means understanding their sense of humor. It means not getting mad at them when they start bombarding you with their sarcastic comments and dirty jokes. They just want to have fun and make you laugh. Because nothing makes them feel happier than when they know that they’re the reason behind your smile.

Loving an extrovert means loving someone who will always show you their true self. Someone who will never pretend to be someone they’re not. Someone who will never play mind games with you or try to manipulate you with grandiose promises and lies.

It means loving someone who won’t be hesitant or afraid to undress their soul in front of you and let you find and see their essence.

And in case you’re wondering what being loved by an extrovert means, know that it’s one of the most amazing, rewarding, and unforgettable experiences one can ever have. Because an extrovert will accept and cherish you for who you are. They’ll love every part of you, including your annoying habits, insecurities, and fears. They’ll fight for you with every fiber of their being. They’ll love you with everything they have. They’ll love you unconditionally.

Riley Cooper