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What Mistakes Do Partners make at the Beginning of Their Relationship?


Everything is exciting in a new relationship. You are excited whenever you hear the phone rings. You feel tiny flutters in your heart whenever you agree to meet up. However, mistakes happen especially on the first date. Keep your judgments from getting clouded by avoiding certain things.

Whether you met your partner on a latin dating site or on any other website, you may get excited at first since you think that you are perfect for each other. Everything seems magical at the start of a relationship. However, you might get the shock of your life when all of a sudden, they have ghosted on you. You wondered what you did wrong and you go back to the conversations whether you said something that turned them off.

Things to Avoid at the Start of Every Romantic Relationship

1. Moving Together

You are eating pasta and drinking wine for your first date. All of a sudden, you or your partner suddenly ask if it’s possible to move in with them. Or what’s even worse, while both of you are in the getting to know each other stage in a relationship, they are already asking you to marry them. This can be a huge turn-off as you still don’t know them very well. They might be a psychopath or a narcissist. Although this is not the case for all, it is advisable to just savor the moment and forget mentioning about wedding bells or even kids.

2. Posting all the Mushy Details to Social Media

Yes, everyone understands that you just want to let the world know that you have found the love of your life. You may even give tips on how to start a relationship since you were so successful in finding the one. Posting a picture of you two having an espresso at a local shop is okay. But posting about unnecessary details such as weird bathroom habits or secrets are what scare other couples. They prefer privacy and honestly, no one really cares. Everyone in social media is just trying to see how miserable you are. If you are happy, then this is fine but they don’t have to know that your new boyfriend has a foot fetish.

3. Giving Up at the First Sign of Problems

Problems make the relationship tough. If you or your significant other give up at the first sign of trouble, then that just means that you are not really serious about him or her. Do not let the relationship go downhill and into a state where it is damaged beyond repair. There is always some work needed to make the relationship stronger especially when you are still dating. And that may involve sacrifices from both of you.

4. Not Contacting Them Enough

Whether you found the love of your life at a middle eastern dating site or it’s someone from your block, you have to make them feel that they are important. Don’t be too unavailable that every time they ask you for a date, you always have important jobs. You can come off as aloof but don’t be too extreme about it. There is a fine line between neglect and not trying to be too clingy. Your relationship’s foundation is very important so build it well.

5. Comparisons with your Ex

There’s a reason why you and your ex did not work out. Move on and never mention your ex unless your current significant other asks. If you need to answer anything about your ex, try to answer in a non-specific manner. Your boyfriend does not need to know how horrible your ex was or if you have dated in the museum next town. They might think that you are not yet over with him or her. Never compare your ex with your current one as this can lead the relationship to an end.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are still a lot of other things that you need to avoid. Build a strong foundation so that you will be able to survive the problems that relationships bring. Follow your gut instinct. If you know that it is something that your current significant other will not like, then don’t do or say it. The little mistakes that you can avoid at the start are the keys to making the relationship last longer.

David Smith