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Why You Should Always Give A Chance To The Nice Guy After A Painful Breakup


Heartbreak… we’ve all experienced it. Many of us have found ourselves in such a dark and painful place that the only escape for us was regaining our sense of self-worth in the arms of another partner, usually after a night out with friends. Sadly, our rebound partner usually turns out to be a man with a killer smile, a charm that can seduce anyone, and a handful of broken hearts.

The person that almost every romantic comedy has brainwashed us into thinking is the right one for recovering after a disastrous breakup. The type of man with whom we will lock eyes across a crowded place and then form a “deep” connection over fabricated stories of ourselves and our lives that you just know is not going to last.

However, what if you took another turn on your recovery path and chose the nice guy instead? What if you start dating the guy who was always there for you. The guy who always held you in high regard and cared about you but you’ve never seen for more than just a friend. The man who knows everything about you, how you drink your coffee, what kind of chocolate you like, your favorite flowers and the way your eyes sparkle every time you see a cute dog on the street.

What if instead of feeling sorry for yourself and engaging in self-destructive behavior you decided to give ‘the nice guy’ a chance? Yes, it may not be a healthy relationship at the beginning because you will be still healing and carrying wounds in your heart, but with time you will heal and the relationship with him could blossom into something marvelous and long-lasting.

After all, he was the one who was with you through everything. He was the one who held your hand through the storms and cheered with you when the sun was shining on your life. He knows the real you. He has seen the worst and still loves you.

If that’s not enough for giving him a chance I don’t know what is.

Mary Wright