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What It Means To Love An Independent Woman Who Is Used To Being On Her Own


A woman who has spent most of her life relying on herself will be unlike any other woman. She will be the strongest but also the most closeted person that you will ever love. Because, unlike everyone else, her walls will be the highest.

They will stand tall and guard her realm. They will protect the world that she has built through all of the years. All on her own. The marks on those rock-hard, solid walls will only show how many have tried to breach them over the years but never really succeeded.

And that is exactly why it will be hard for her to open her gates and let you in.

That is why you will have no other choice but to understand her doubts.

Because finding space for another person in her life, a life that she has built on her own, a life that belongs only to her, will be the hardest things that she will have to do in her life. That decision will not only change her life, but it will challenge her to get out of her comfort zone, put all of her values aside and rethink her life choices.

A woman who has been used to living her life on her own will show you that she doesn’t need help. She won’t say that on purpose. She will say it because that is the only thing that she’s known all her life. The thing is, she has been through many painful experiences and somehow, she still managed to get out of the ashes as a person reborn. So, yes. She can do it on her own. She can do much more than you can imagine.

Because the truth about being on your is that after a certain period of time you just get used to the comfort and the calm of your safe place. You realize that you are the only person who will always be there for you and you refuse to give your heart to people who haven’t proven themselves worthy of your affection.

However, just because she is powerful enough to face everything alone, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want you in her life. It will be really hard for you to decipher this because this woman will never need you. You won’t see her craving your touch. You won’t see her yearning for your embrace. You won’t see her needing your help. She will want you. Which in my opinion is far more important than needing you.

It won’t be that easy to love a woman who has been alone for most of her life. You will have to make some adjustments. There will be struggles. And there will be some misunderstandings at the beginning. But, once she realizes that you are not here to destroy the home that she’s built but stay with her forever and rebuilt it all over again, she will open her heart and love you more than you’ve ever been loved before.

My advice? Just be patient. Be prepared to wait for her. Know that you might have to break that ice around her heart and show her that she shouldn’t be scared. Know that you might have to help her learn how to love again. Know that you might have to help her understand that she shouldn’t always do everything on her own. Know that you might have to climb those walls and fall many times to finally reach her.

Because, when you really do that for her, she will finally be ready to give into the love you have for her. She will finally be ready to love you the way you deserve.

This article is written by Stephanie Reeds. If you have any questions regarding this topic or one of your own interest, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Stephanie Reeds