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What It Feels Like To Love A Woman Who Is Fighting PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)


She is emotional. She is moody. She is always craving and hungry. She is also angry and mad because she is not able to eat whatever she wants.

One time she feels dejected, and another time – overjoyed. There are probably times when you can’t seem to understand her or understand what’s going on her mind.

However, if you take a moment and look deeply into her eyes, you’ll see that her actions are just a reflection of her attempts to hide and mask her insecurities. Behind her smile lies a deep sorrow.

The way she goes on about her day and deals with her pain and struggles can show you what a brave woman she is. She is a fighter. She fights every single day with the discomfort and the chronic pain of having this cruel hormonal imbalance in her body.

You can see she is scared that she may not be able to conceive.

And that’s her worst pain. It’s constantly on her mind.

She is also thinking about you and your future together if her fears come true.

She is afraid of losing you because she thinks she is not perfect. She has lost her confidence because of her bodily imperfections. She always expects the worst to happen and is preparing herself for the heartache of you leaving her someday.

“How much is he able to wait?” “Does he see all that I am doing to get rid of the disease?” “How long can he support and stay with me until he decided he wants to look for someone better?” – are some of the questions and thoughts that she thinks of every single day.

But she loves you and is grateful to have you in her life. She also appreciates your support and she doesn’t blame you for anything.

What she hopes is that you’ll stay by her side. That you’ll be with her to support her in her fight.

I hope that you won’t give up on her. I hope that you’ll cheer her up when she starts feeling devastated and hopeless. I hope that you’ll understand what she goes through. I hope that you’ll be her biggest supporter – the one who will comfort her, take care of her, and help her get her emotions under control.

Pray for her and with her. Don’t pressure her on getting better because she is already doing all she can. And never ever lose sight and hope for your future together.

And finally, I really hope that you’ll never stop seeing her for the wonderful and amazing woman she is.

At the end of the day, her anxiety, her hormones, her body, or her ability to conceive cannot diminish her worth. And they shouldn’t affect your love for her.

Mary Wright