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What I Wish You Knew About Living With Depression And Anxiety


It’s so easy to assume that someone with depression is just sad or that someone with anxiety is just nervous. The truth is, that’s not the case. Feeling a bit down or a bit worried will pass quickly, but anxiety and depression won’t. They’re mental illnesses that will stick with a person for much longer than anyone should have to deal with.

Living with these two illnesses have made every day unbearable for me in ways that most people would never understand. I want to share with you what I wish you knew about living with depression and anxiety.

It’s Not What You Think It Is

Everyone has their own idea of what someone with these two disorders look like. They see someone who’s constantly breaking down and can’t go about their day. For some people, this is the reality. For most of us though, it’s very different.

It’s not people’s fault that they don’t understand what it’s really like. They’ve never had to deal with it themselves, so how could they possibly understand? Even the media portrays these illnesses wrongly the majority of the time.

The majority of the time, these disorders are silent. They’re demons sitting on the shoulder of the person who’s suffering, making their life a living hell. No one can see these demons, but people with these illnesses deal with them continuously without anyone else ever realizing.

It’s a Constant Battle

My depression takes away all my energy to go about daily tasks while my anxiety panics over what will happen when I don’t get them done. They have opposite agendas, and it tears me apart each day.

Most days, I’m barely able to go outside without forcing myself, even if it’s just to go and get the groceries. I live in a state of constant gloom and fear. To make matters worse, a panic attack is always just around the corner.

Living with these illnesses, you never know which one is going to take over that day. Will you spend the next few hours in a horrible depression or will you have a voice telling you that something terrible is about to happen? The worst days are the ones where both are equally strong.

It’s Feeling Alone

When anxiety tells you that everyone you love hates you, you believe it. When depression has decided that you just can’t face socializing, you listen to it. You end up isolating yourself from everyone, even the people who mean the most to you.

Because of the cards I’ve been dealt in life, I feel so alone. Not just because I’ve lost all my friends or because I’m unable to meet new people, it’s because no one understands what’s happening to me. People don’t see the struggle that you go through every day. Instead, all they see is someone who’s sad, nervous, and too lazy to do anything about it. How could you not feel alone when people think that about you?

I truly wish that more people understood what it’s like to live with both depression and anxiety. Sadly, most people never will. All I can do now is keep fighting to get better each day and keep trying to show people that living like this is not what they think it is.

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Eva Jackson