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What Do Trust and Commitment Look Like in a Long Term Relationship?


Trust and commitment are the fundamental parts of a long-lasting, healthy relationship. As much as the idea of monogamy can be argued to be a social construct, the fundamentals of any connection should be based on trust, if it’s supposed to be genuine.

There are various aspects of a relationship that secure the committed bond formed by two people, and it can vary on a personal basis. But we thought we’d highlight the ones we think are the most crucial to consider while upholding a long term relationship. The key to any successful relationship is the ability to communicate with your partner and compromise on aspects you may not fully agree on, but that you’re able to adapt to in order to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

So maybe it’s your secret sexual fantasies, that you don’t want to keep a secret from your partner anymore, or maybe it’s the fact that you enjoy experiencing your sexuality by using Silicon Wives’ sex dolls when your partner isn’t there – whatever it is, good communication is what can make or break your bond.


Trust is the fundamental basis of any relationship. It is merely speaking the faith of loyalty towards one another because, without trust, your life will quickly turn into an invigorating nightmare of you getting paranoid about even the smallest of things.

It can be hard to trust someone, even harder when you had bad experiences in the past where trusting someone was overturned on you. Remember, It’s ok to have some trust concerns, as they prevent you from allowing unnecessary people into your life. But trust issues can quickly turn into dedicating every moment of your life to controlling what the other person does.

They got a message, and a little alarm goes off in your head. They went to work, or did they? It’s pointless to try to commit to a relationship when everything the other person does becomes worrying. Therefore, it’s best if you try to put your past experiences where they belong – in the past; and try giving a rise of confidence to your S/O, and you’ll quickly see how much more calm and relaxed it will make you feel.

Trust is a sign of love, so how does it look in a healthy, long term relationship?

Confidence: You’re confident of your partner’s actions, and you trust them to undertake the best decision for both of you. You can count on them to make the most suitable decisions when the situation requires it, and you know they make these choices with your best interest in mind.

Conversations: You’re able to communicate with each other about basically everything, and you can always talk things out. You don’t hide anything from one another, and you’re able to discuss anything that is going on in each other’s lives without omitting any details.

Shared Bank Account: This aspect can vary significantly to every relationship’s dynamics, but a shared bank account is a sign of trust towards each other. This may be even more notable because one of you is making a lot more money than the other one, and they trust you with their finances. However, some couples find a shared account an uncomfortable burden and consider separate bank accounts as their preferred option – this can vary from couple to couple. The lack of a shared bank account doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of trust in a relationship!

Intimacy: Intimacy in a relationship is the key to its success. You’re allowing your partner to experience the most intimate parts of your body and vice versa. Contrary to some beliefs, intimacy requires a lot of trust between people. You’re comfortable with your partner seeing your most private areas, and you trust him while doing so. Intimacy is also an emotional thing – the ability to open up and share some of your darkest, deepest secrets, fears, and desires.

Honesty: This is probably one of the most important points to mention for a successful, long-lasting relationship. Openness between you and your partner is an essential part of growth and love.


Commitment can mean a variety of things to various people, or shall we say couples. You can commit to a relationship physically, emotionally, or both. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all definition here, as there can be a sense of emotional commitment without having to commit to only sharing your sexual experiences with one person. As we said before, monogamy might merely be a social construct, so even though you may commit to a person on an emotional level, you can also decide together to have sexual relations with other people, if you both agree that it’s in your best interest. These types of relationship dynamics are perfectly fine, but for polygamy to work out, you both have to agree on the honesty aspect of it, and both be in on the idea because it takes two to make it work.


Overthinking things in life can become a really bad habit. It’s essential to think about any decisions that may affect you twice, but overthinking anything isn’t the solution. It can become paranoia, and that’s not a sign of a healthy, long-lasting relationship. You should ensure that you and your partner have a bond formed on the foundations of trust, so you can fully commit to the relationship and not allow the lack of communication to cause a barrier between you.

David Smith