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Top 10 Rules of Long-term Relationships


Relationships are important for everyone. We feel happy when we have someone with whom we share all our life. This is why it is so vital to care about your partner when building a long-lasting relationship. There are 10 rules to help you create a healthy union of hearts with your significant other.

  1. Fair play

It is normal that sometimes you have disagreements, and it is also normal to argue but be fair in your “fights.” Sometimes it is almost impossible to have a fair fight but make sure that you always respect your partner. Remember, no matter what argue is about, you should never insult your girlfriend or boyfriend. You must maintain a power balance with your partner. If you have won this argument, then let your partner win next time and visa-versa. Without this power balance, you may need to look for a backup plan. Don’t forget to make sure that your partner feels well about the power balance in your relations.

  1. Be honest

You can’t even imagine how hiding something may damage your relations. Trust is crucial for a decent relationship. You both must share everything and be honest with each other; you both should never hide a thing. Even if you feel that truth may make your girlfriend or boyfriend upset, you still must share because your partner is going to be way more upset when he or she finds out the truth themselves. And it is not going to be about the truth – it will be about you trying to hide it and blaming consciences for not being honest. It is almost impossible to restore lost trust.

  1. Let the past be past

No matter what was before, you live in the present, and you make your plans for your future. Let your partner’s past be past. The same rule must be applied for bad behavior, or the weight of these mental problems may destroy your relations.

  1. Let your partner have more freedom

It is essential for both of you to have freedom outside of your relationships. If you allow your partner to have more freedom, then they will appreciate you and your relations more. Freedom outside the relations allows you and your partner to feel that your relations are an extension of your lives. If there is no freedom outside of the relations, then they literary turn in to a burden.

  1. Ask for less than you give

Be kind, supportive, and honest, and your partner will not turn away from you. Be everything to your partner and ask nothing in return. If you have healthy relations, then your partner will do the same for you.

  1. Study your partner

Give your girlfriend or boyfriend all they need. Learn how they behave and react when they like something. This will help you understand your partner. Study their national characteristics. Also, don’t forget to find out what the best nationality to marry is.

  1. Make long term plans together

Find out how your partner sees your future and compare their version of your future together with yours. Find similar ideas and work on your plan together. It is important to know that your partner will support you in your goals and show that you are ready to help.

  1. Be kind with your partner

Kindness and gentleness are the most important factors of any romantic relations. Your relationship must be your shield from the outer world problems.

  1. Learn how to communicate properly

By a proper way of communication, we mean the ability to listen. It is important to know how to listen to your partner when he or she wants to tell you something. Sometimes, when your partner shares something with you, they don’t need your opinion (they will ask for it later); they just need you to listen to what they have to say.

  1. Intimacy is not only about sex

Long-lasting relations require plenty of intimate moments. It can be your personal jokes, stories, shared joy, or many-many other things.

David Smith