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Wait For The Person Who Recognizes Your Worth And Makes You Feel Like You’re Enough


Yes, dating can be scary especially when you’ve got your heart broken many times in the past. Going from one date to another, you don’t have any idea what type of person you’ll come across. And yet, you are still hoping to find your match.

And I am here to tell you that if you are willing to wait for the right person, wait for the one who sees your worth and makes you feel like you’re enough.

The right person will also understand the struggle to find love and you’ll both try to make each other feel safe within the excruciating process of dating.

Wait for someone with whom you’ll laugh until your belly hurts and you’ll have a smile on your face long after you say goodbye. Wait for someone who will be texting and calling you often because they can’t handle not hearing from you.

Wait until you meet someone with whom you have a connection that doesn’t fade away but grows stronger.

Wait for the person who wants to know the real you regardless of how much time it will take. The one who knows how difficult it is to be open nowadays but is willing to put in the effort to create a safe environment for you two where you can share your deepest secrets and aspirations.

They will never leave you second-guessing and wondering where you stand because they will fall in love with your soul.

They’ll marvel at your strength and authenticity. They’ll appreciate you for your honesty, rawness, and vulnerability. They will adore your pure and gentle heart.

They will plan dates with you. They will want to take you anywhere with them. They will show you through their actions how much they care about you. And you’ll feel like home.

Wait for the person who will make you feel again. The one who will make you feel ‘enough’. Actually, more than enough.

The one with whom you’ll feel appreciated and loved for what you are. That’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Wait for it because you deserve it.

Mary Wright