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Twin Flame: A Soul Of Your Soul. Why Twin Flames Always Come Together

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We experience different kinds of relationships throughout our lifetime. Some challenge us, some nurture us, some change us, some make us grow, and some break our hearts. We meet many people who are out soulmates that enter our lives and then leave. Some of them stay because they are your parent, brother, sister, mother, co-worker, best friend, etc. Every one of them is helping us on our path.

And then there is the Twin Flame relationship. Mesmerizing. Powerful. Extremely deep and spiritual. A relationship that not everyone has the privilege to experience. There has been a shift when it comes to how we see relationships nowadays. There are more and more people who are looking for a spiritual relationship, a partner who understands them truly and who shares the same beliefs and values. They are not looking to get together with someone for the sake of procreation only. And this is why there are more and more twin flame relationships happening.

Twin Flames are known to be two parts of one soul that split and would incarnate into Earth to help each other grow, learn, and evolve. Twin Flame relationship is consisting of a male and female energy of one soul. When these two energies collide, they create the most fulfilling relationship for them.

Twin Flame

However, twin flame relationships are not always harmonious. In truth, when twin flames reunite, they must first go through a period of purging, cleansing, and releasing of the past energy within their chakras. And even though there are a lot of signs that show you have met your twin flame, if you are an awoken person – you will already know. You will feel an immense amount of energy when you meet them, and you will know.

And if you are still not sure, here’s how you can recognize your twin flame:

It will happen all of a sudden. You will feel like they have fallen from the sky. Neither of you was looking to find someone, yet you have found each other. You will immediately feel like you know them. You will both recognize each other, and the attraction will be immense. The Universe has brought you two together. It was the Divine timing at play.

You are each other’s mirror. You will mirror back to them their flaws, and they will mirror back to you everything you need to improve in your life. Your wounds will be exposed, and you will both need to heal.

There is magnetic energy whenever you two are together. People around you can even see and feel it. The power and the pull are extremely strong.

Your intuition and your psychic abilities will be heightened when you meet your twin flame.

There is something unusual and essential about the day when they were born.

You will complement one another. Their skills and abilities will compensate for your weaknesses and vice versa. You have both developed skills that the other one lacks during the time when you were apart.

Even when you are apart, you can still feel each other. You can feel your energies. You will think about them constantly and they will too. You may feel like you are obsessing over them, but that’s not true. You are both so connected that even the slightest distance between you can feel extremely painful and devastating.

When you are with them, you will feel like finally, you are Home. With them, you will feel complete.

You will feel like you have never felt before in any of your past relationships. You won’t be able to put your feelings into words. You both feel unconditional love for one another. You both love and accept each other. You will just know that they are the one for you.

Even a small hug carries a lot of energy that is intense.

You can feel it in your gut and in your heart that your relationship is there to change the world for the better.

Finally, the numbers 11:11. You will catch yourself constantly noticing these numbers. You will be seeing them on your clock, on your computer, on receipts and so on. These numbers are divine and are a confirmation from the Universe that you are on the right path.

Sadly, some twin flames separate shortly after they meet because usually one of them can’t handle the intensity of the connection and so, they run from it. However, they will keep coming back and they can be together and reunite after they have completely healed and are ready for each other.

Have you met your twin flame? Please do share your experience with us.


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